‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Gushes Over Her Daughter Mariah

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown

Sister Wives’ star Meri Brown loves kids. And, she hoped for many of them. But, she only conceived one child, Mariah. Fans first met Mariah when Kody Brown introduced his family via TLC in 2010. Back then, she seemed like a quiet young teenager. But, that changed as she grew older. Today, Meri Brown makes a habit of gushing about her beautiful fully grown daughter Mariah on Instagram. What’s the latest? Keep reading to find out.

Sister Wives – Mariah, Meri Brown’s daughter passionate

Fans of the show know that Mariah came out in an episode a few years ago. Initially, Meri seemed shocked and upset that she never caught any hint of her gender preferences. Meri seemed very upset, almost as though she resented Mariah keeping secrets from her. But, later, Mariah outed her mom for the catfish incident.

For a while, it looked like the two women might become estranged. But, over the years that changed as well. These days, they look very close and obviously love each other a lot. Actually, there’s some tension between Mariah and some members of the Sister Wives family. We reported that Mariah clearly said if people vote the “wrong way,” she’d cut them off. But, Meri loves her daughter’s passion.

Gushing, Meri tells fans how wonderful Mariah is

Talking about her passion, Meri said, “Her passion is fierce.” Yes, it certainly seems that way. In fact, she and her half-brother Paedon apparently “can’t stand each other.” That news came via The Sun, who reported that the news came to light via Paedon who shared a post about Blue Lives Matter. Fans know that Mariah’s very passionate about Black Lives Matter and other social issues.

The proud Sister Wives‘ mom gushed about Mariah’s other strong points. She noted, “This kid of mine. Perfect and amazing and beautiful in every way. Her heart is huge…Her love is real.” Meri added, “she makes me smile on the daily! So honored and proud and blessed and lucky to be her mom!!”


Mariah seems forthright and rather forgiving

You might recall that when the show revisited the catfishing incident for what felt like the millionth time, Mariah seemed harsh with Meri. Redditors noted that Meri tried talking about the 2015 incident with Mariah. And surprisingly for once, the social media platform users took Mariah’s side. Mariah seemed very critical of it all as Meri wanted her to meet another catfished person to justify it.

One Sister Wives follower noted, “Mariah rightfully held a grudge. She was forced into a situation that was going to hurt the family and was p*ssed. She knew about Sam early on and told her mom to stop communicating with ‘him’. I would be furious if my mom did that to me. Meri really shouldn’t have involved Mariah.”


That all seems like water under the bridge now. Clearly, Mariah and Meri set aside their differences and moved on.

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