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‘Little People, Big World’ Cancelled? Matt Roloff Clears The Air

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Has TLC cancelled Little People, Big World (LPBW)? Rumors are certainly going around that Season 21 might be the final season for the beloved reality TV series. And, with so many seasons under its belt… It certainly isn’t something fans would be too surprised by. Perhaps the show has just played out all it has to offer? Is it time to consider a spin off series instead?

Fans have certainly expressed an interest in a cooking series with Amy Roloff. And, Jacob Roloff even expressed a willingness to consider a show centering around his family. Moreover, Matt Roloff has more or less confirmed TLC had discussed spin offs with the family. So, even if LPBW gets cancelled, the family may still return to TV.

So, was Little People, Big World cancelled by TLC?

Now, truth be told, it is a little early to know whether TLC will cancel or renew LPBW for another season. TLC is not really a network that announces the renewal of shows in a fashion that makes much sense. In fact, sometimes fans don’t find out a series has been renewed until shortly before it starts airing new episodes. Fans can sometimes, however, find out by lurking on the social media accounts of the cast. It is common for a cast member or two to let it slip that they are currently filming/producing footage for the show.

But, that did not stop one hysterical fan from calling attention to the cancellation rumors in the comments of Matt Roloff’s Instagram.

“God bless you and all of your family I can’t believe you’re not gonna come back again on television,” one individual penned in a comment. The comment was chased with several sad emojis.

The comment was liked a few dozen times. Possibly this was to push it to the top of the comments to call Matt’s attention to it. And, if that is why, it worked. Matt Roloff did notice the hysterical fan. And, he responded to them.

Matt Roloff Instagram

Fortunately, Matt Roloff assures fans the show isn’t going anywhere.

Now, Matt Roloff seemed a little baffled by the hysterical fan. He was not really sure where the rumors that the show was being cancelled were coming from. So, he acted quickly to provide his concerned fan with some comfort.

Who said we’re Not coming back in TV? We’re coming back with a vengeance. Lol.”

Matt’s comment was liked over 400 times by his followers. Clearly, there were a lot of relieved Little People, Big World fans. Many even proceeded to thank him for responding to the alarming comment.

So, for now at least, it doesn’t seem like LPBW fans have much to worry about. TLC has not cancelled the show. And Matt Roloff doesn’t seem to think it is going to happen any time soon.

Are you happy to know LPBW was not cancelled by TLC? Sound off in the comments down below.

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