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Adam Busby Reveals Hurricane Damage To His Parents’ House

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OutDaughtered fans have been badgering Adam and Danielle Busby for updates on their family and friends. For the most part, however, it seems as though everyone close to the TLC family evacuated to safety prior to the hurricane making landfall. That, however, leaves fans with one big question. What about their homes?

Adam Busby transported donations to Lake Charlies today.

Now, as we previously reported, Adam Busby transported a U-Haul full of donations to those in need in Lake Charles. He and his wife Danielle were overwhelmed by how much their fans and followers helped. It appeared as if Adam took the drive into Lake Charles alone. Perhaps with the Hurricane Laura damage, they decided it isn’t too safe to bring all of the girls.

As Adam was driving closer and closer to Lake Charles, he flipped his camera to give his Instagram followers that tuned into his Stories a look out the window. He showed all of the devastation caused by the hurricane. He explained that these people would likely be without power for nearly a month. As he explained, he pointed out all of the destroyed power lines and power poles.

He headed down the road toward his parents’ property.

OutDaughtered fans could see the emotion swelling in Adam Busby’s eyes. He anxiously fidgeted with his face as he revealed the damage to his parents home. This was after he showed video footage of the road leading to his parents’ property. Adam explained people described his parents’ property as a park. He described it as beautiful. This property was a place local photographers enjoyed using. And now? Well, Hurricane Laura devastated it.

Posted by TVShowsAce.Com on Monday, September 7, 2020

Adam showed video footage revealing trees were down everywhere. He, then, pans across the tree line and points out the snapped tops of all the trees. Adam lamented that the pond was not even visible because of all the tree debris. Even the trees that were still standing barely had any leaves on them.

He even panned over to his cousin’s house that looked to have a significant amount of damage to it. After seeing Adam’s video footage, it was definitely relieving that his friends and family evacuated the area!

Posted by Outdaughtered Fans on Monday, September 7, 2020

Adam and Danielle Busby confirmed they were continuing to take in donations via Ashley’s hair salon. The TLC family planned on making at least one more trip with another round of donations to those in need. Here’s hoping those in Lake Charles are able to pick up the pieces left behind by Hurricane Laura!

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