’90 Day Fiance’: Has Ronald’s Visa For The USA Come Through?

90 Day Fiance Ronald

90 Day Fiance couple, Ronald and Tiffany Franco Smith make out online. Well, it’s as close as you could possibly come and still remain decently clothed. All sounds marvelous in their relationship. And, they both bubble over with joy at the thought of meeting up soon. Does this mean that Ronald got his visa for the USA approved?

90 Day Fiance – Tiffany and Ronald attended virtual couple’s therapy

Fans know that sometimes, Ronald and Tiffany walked a very rocky road. In fact, at one stage, they ended up in a very public split. Fans assumed it had something to do with him and his gambling addiction. Anyway, they patched it up and apologized for not keeping it all private. We reported that they resurfaced on Self Quarantined, and revealed they attended virtual couple’s therapy.

InTouch Weekly reported that the 90 Day Fiance couple started working on Ronald’s visa last year. But, they anticipated some issues because of his criminal record. However, in South Africa, they have a process called an “admission of guilt.” You pay your fine, without attending court, and the record gets expunged a year later. So technically, in South Africa, Ronald has no criminal conviction. Once Tiffany’s lawyer saw the full record, he felt a visa might work out for them.

Ronald and Tiffany full of bubbly love on Instagram

Over the weekend, Ronald shared a very long and gushing post. He raved about his wonderful kids and loving wife. And, he said he can’t wait for borders to open so they can be together. Actually he made it sound like that’s the only obstacle. Tiffany replied several times and raved about Ronald as well. Both of them can’t wait to be together as a family.

One 90 Day Fiance fan asked, “How much longer before you can move to the US? Wishing you all the best. Stay strong.” Ronald replied, saying, “time is getting close now so holding thumbs.” Well, that indicates they talk about Ronald going to the USA and not the other way around. As to why he can’t travel right now, that comes from the South African COVID-19 travel restrictions.


South Africa stance on international travel

South Africa introduced one of the most draconian and longest lockdowns in the world during the coronavirus. In fact, usefully for Ronald, for a long time, they banned alcohol completely and closed restaurants, bars, and casinos. In fact, they only recently opened up hotels and casinos for local travelers. International travel, in or out, remains banned since March 26.

Two days ago, Business Tech reported that the Tourism Minister said, “our next step is to work towards the reopening of international travel.” Coronavirus numbers plummet to all-time lows in the country. So, soon the 90 Day Fiance couple might meet up again. Perhaps, if his visa’s been approved, that’s why Ronald and Tiffany sound so upbeat.

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