Lisa Rinna Trolls Haters Again About Harry Hamlin’s Living Arrangements

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Lisa Rinna is one of the most controversial stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season. Fans don’t like her treatment of former friend Denise Richards. However, as fans are learning, the actress isn’t afraid to strike back at them. 

A rumor started this season that Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin, doesn’t live at home. Fans – or ‘trolls,’ as Lisa calls them – speculate that the couple is separated and live in different houses. 

Where Did Rumors of Split Come From? 

Harry Hamlin makes occasional appearances on RHOBH. In an episode earlier this season, he talked about dinner plans with his daughters. Harry and Lisa have two adult children, Amelia and Delilah. 

During the conversation with Lisa Rinna, he said that the girls wanted to “come over to my house” for dinner. Some fans thought that was an odd thing to say, given that all four of them supposedly lived together at the time. 

Amelia has since moved out into a lofty $5K/month apartment, paid in part by her parents. 

Thus, a rumor began that Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna live separately. 

RHOBH Star Continues to Troll the Trolls Over Husband’s Whereabouts

The rumors are so prevalent that they’ve gotten back to Lisa Rinna. The former DOOL actress responded to the rumors on her Instagram Stories last month. She wrote that trolls “wish” the rumors about her marriage were true. 

Over the weekend, Lisa addressed the trolls again. She shared a clip of Harry Hamlin doing his favorite activities at their home. She joked that “even though they say he doesn’t live here,” she has proof that he does. 

The RHOBH star continued by writing what Harry does when he is home. The LA Law alum likes to “watch the news and play the guitar at the same time.” 

Credit: Lisa Rinna Instagram Stories
Credit: Lisa Rinna Instagram Stories

As her caption suggests, he is playing the guitar while watching the news. Harry Hamlin makes appearances in Lisa Rinna’s dancing videos sometimes. He is usually playing the guitar or ignoring her as she dances next to him.


The RHOBH star got a lot of fan backlash last month for posting her version of the ‘WAP’ dance. The dance is a suggestive dance to the song “WAP” by Cardi B. She took the video down but has since reposted it. 

Lisa Rinna Doesn’t Care What Trolls Think of Her

Lisa Rinna wants her trolls to know they don’t bother her. She recently posted a now-deleted social media post telling fans exactly what she thinks of them. Or what she doesn’t think, rather. 

The Hollywood Gossip blog reports that Lisa wrote that she “doesn’t give a f***” what trolls think of her. She suggests they find better use of their time than trolling her. She tells them to “ go give back” and stop wasting her time. 

Do you think the trolls deserved Lisa’s harsh words? 

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