‘DOOL’ Spoilers September 8 – 11: An Explosion Rocks Salem

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Days of Our Lives will air just four episodes this week. The soap won’t air on Monday, September 7, due to the Labor Day holiday. PGA golf airs instead. But the daytime drama will return on Tuesday, September 8, with a new episode.

The fallout from last week’s custody hearing bombshell will play out. Marlena (Deidre Hall) reads Sami (Alison Sweeney) the riot act for her behavior. The Brady family is in turmoil after Eric (Greg Vaughan) turned his back on his twin sister.

This came after she revealed a devastating secret about his wife, Nicole (Arianna Zucker,) in a custody battle. The long-time rivals are fighting for custody of Allie’s (Lindsay Arnold) baby.

John (Drake Hogestyn) also wakes up this week. Does he remember his blowout argument with Sami right before his medical emergency?

Abigail Walks In a Close Moment Between Chad and Another Woman

Abigail is back in town! Months after actress Kate Mansi left the role to plan her real-life wedding, the character returns with a new look. Marci Miller resumes the role again. As fans know, Marci was a recast Abigail when Kate Mansi left to focus on directing. Then she came back to DOOL, forcing Mari out of the role.

Well, it seems there are no hard feelings, as Marci Miller is more than happy to play Abigail again.

But Abigail certainly won’t be happy on what she walks into at the DiMera mansion. Chad (Billy Flynn) with his arms around another woman! That woman is none other than Gwen (Emily O’Brien.) Abigail gives Gwen a stern warning to stay away from Chad. But how will she react when she  finds out that Chad and Gwen once locked lips?

Two Former DOOL Couples Run Into Each Other, With VERY Different Results

Abigail isn’t the only former Salem resident to return home. Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) and Tripp (Casey Adams) have homecomings of their own.

Tripp runs into Claire (Isabel Durant) shortly after returning to town. Claire looks different these days. Original actress Olivia Rose Keegan left to star in the Disney+  High School Musical series. Spoilers indicate that Tripp forgives Claire for her previous dastardly behavior.

Will Belle (Martha Madison) be so forgiving of Philip when he surprises her in the town square? Maybe not so easily, as he ends up knocked to the ground during their encounter.

An Explosion Rocks Salem and DOOL

Last week viewers found out the fate of Ciara (Victoria Konefal.) A brain-washed Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) feared he killed his new wife. But after a hypnosis session with Marlena, he realized he didn’t.

Instead, Eve’s henchman Vincent (Michael Teh) kidnapped Ciara for revenge. A clue leads Ben to the airport, only for a massive explosion to rock the town. Is Ciara dead? The actress is leaving the show but is open to future guest appearances. Ciara will likely be presumed dead… for now.

DOOL Brings Back Another Character No One Asked For

Days of Our Lives is undergoing a lot of cast changes. In addition to Victoria Konefal, Kristian Alfonso is exiting her role as Hope Brady. But the soap is bringing back several characters. Actress Tamra Braun confirms that she will be resuming her role as Ava on DOOL.



Ava is Steve’s (Stephen Nichols) ex and Tripp’s mom. She presumably died several years ago, but no one stays dead in Salem!

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