7 Little Johnstons Amber weight loss diet

‘7 Little Johnstons’ Mom Amber Shares Successful Weight-loss Diet

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7 Little Johnstons star Amber took to Instagram on Friday and shared all about her successful weight loss. Apparently, she struggled with weight gain following surgery. Of course, staying home during COVID-19 didn’t help either.

7 Little Johnstons Amber shares how she gained weight

Amber showed her fans two photos for comparison. You might not have noticed that she gained weight. But in the two pictures on Instagram, clearly, she lost a lot of pounds. Amber took good care to tell fans that her post isn’t a promo for a diet or product. She said that she shared it just for information. Fans complimented her on her success.

Of course, 7 Little Johnstons fans wanted to know which diet she used. Amber explained the background of her weight gain. Until “four years ago,” Amber never struggled with weight. But then, she injured her back. Ending up on steroids, she slowly gained weight. Not as active as before, she finally opted for spinal surgery. But after that, she gained even more weight.

Nursing her back meant limited exercise

Amber said that the spinal surgery left her “in a state” where she felt the need to still “nurse” her back. She explained, “weight continued to find its way to stick to my b-tt, hips and honestly, everywhere.” By 40, she needed bigger clothing, And the next year, after COVID came, she said she “tipped the scale.”

Plenty of  7 Little Johnstons fans seemed keen on Amber’s weight solution. She only finally felt the urgent desire for doing something about it when they went on a hike. The TLC star noted, “I struggled during the hike, which was totally not me!” So, she changed her “lifestyle” and lost 25 pounds in two months. Amber got active and that also helped with the diet. Obviously, her new teaching job also gets her up on her feet a lot.

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So, this isn’t really my thing to post about, However, my hope is this will inspire or give encouragement to someone in need! Weight hasn’t really been a struggle for me until 4 years ago. I had a back injury that limited me + caused me to take steroids on and off for 2 years, and weight began to pack on. Finally I said, enough is enough. Let’s do the surgery. Post SPINAL (not stomach) surgery, mentally I was still in a state that I needed to nurse my back. Weight continued to find its way to stick to my butt, hips and honestly, everywhere. Fear, definitely….but reality was, I needed to do something about it. My 40th birthday came and went. I was buying bigger clothes. My 41st birthday passed, Covid crashed, and I tipped the scale. Chasing waterfalls with my family was literally my breaking point. I struggled during the hike, which was totally not me! I came home and new I had to change my lifestyle. And I did!!! 2 months in and 25lbs gone. I still have 20lbs to go, but I want to tell all of YOU, it is achievable. My very busy, active, no time for diet/exercise daily life is making it happen and you can too! #notsellingjustsharing #optaviaworks #readytobehighschoolweightagain

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What diet did Amber follow for weight loss?

Telling her fans that they can also lose weight, Amber tagged her post with #optaviaworks. Lots of fans wanted to know more, so we went off and checked it out. Health US News checked it out already and their “panel of experts” weighed in on it. According to the website, out of 35 diets, Optavia came in 27th overall but for fast weight loss, it came in second.

Apparently, the nutrition side’s good, but they think it might be a bit hard to stick with. However, Amber from 7 Little Johnstons managed it. So, maybe she really felt determined. They recommend the “Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan, which includes five Fuelings a day.” Overall, the idea behind the diet is to slowly become used to eating healthier meals.

Optavia markets its own line of products. The price seems reasonable, and the outlet notes it won’t break the bank.

What do you think about Amber sticking with her diet and losing weight? Sound off in the comments below.

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