Gay or Virgin? ‘Married At First Sight’ Fans Wonder Why Henry Makes No Moves On Christina

Henry and Christina on Married at First Sight

So far on this season of Married at First Sight, Christina has been vocal about her issues with Henry. In the latest episode, Henry was also open about his thoughts relating to his new bride. He described Christina as being “high maintenance” and “impatient.” It is good to get some feedback from the usually quiet new husband. However, fans are theorizing Henry is either gay, or a virgin, or maybe both after not making a move on Christina.

Henry and Christina on Married at First Sight

So far, Christina and Henry’s marriage hasn’t started off well. Sometimes the pair seems to be completely in sync. However, when this happens but it serves to highlight the distance between them.

Henry is quiet and reserved, while Christina is the total opposite. He keeps quiet on the Lifetime reality show, while she speaks up about her various concerns. On several occasions, Christina has said she is not used to being the “aggressor” in a relationship.

When Pastor Calvin Roberson came to visit, Christina opened up about her issues with Henry. However, this time he did too. Henry said Christina is “high maintenance” and is impatient. This is likely the first time he has opened up on his opinion of his new wife.

Henry wants to take things slowly

Speaking of their relationship, Henry admits he likes to take things slowly. Moreover, he wants to get to know Christina better before making his first move. Calvin responded, saying that Henry praising Christina for her good points would strengthen their relationship.

During this week’s episode of Married at First Sight, fans watched their first housewarming party together. After the party, Henry is seen to lash out at Christina. Things get worse when, during a conversation, the frustrated bride tells Henry, “You’re just giving me nothing.” Henry’s response to that? He walks away.

Is the Married at First Sight star gay or a virgin?

Fans have been speculating about why Henry wants to take things slowly. Some believe he is just a quiet person and ill-matched with Christina. Others say if she did get him to make love to her, they can’t imagine his awkwardness. The fan commented on Married at First Sight Facebook page, saying he is a virgin. Another fan hit Twitter, writing, “So going out on a limb here and gonna say Henry is either a virgin or gay #MarriedAtFirstSight.”

Yet another fan agreed with that sentiment, saying, “Yesssss he gives me the 40 year old virgin vibes.”  Another wrote that Henry could have a social disorder or is maybe gay, adding, “Likely both.”

As noted by Meaww, no doubt, fans will continue watching as the relationship between Henry and Christina unfolds. Keep up with their continuing story on Married at First Sight on Lifetime every Wednesday at 8/7c.

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