Does Lindsie Chrisley Have A Colored Tooth? Kailyn Lowry Explains

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Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry and former Chrisley Knows Best star Lindsie Chrisley host a podcast. The podcast is called Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry.  The podcast has its own Instagram account that frequently features snaps of Kailyn and her co-host Lindsie.

This week, Kailyn and Lindsie talked about Teen Mom 2 returning. They discussed the episode. And, they asked what fans thought. The gorgeous TV personalities shared a stunning selfie on Instagram just a few hours ago. While the mothers certainly looked fabulous, the photo had some doing a bit of a double take. What were they looking at a second time? Well, it was something strange in Lindsie Chrisley’s mouth.

Does Lindsie Chrisley have a colored tooth?

Lindsie and Kailyn had their heads pressed up against each other. They flashed their pearly whites for the camera. But, one of Lindsie Chrisley’s teeth didn’t look so pearly white. In fact, it looked to be a vibrant green or blue color. And, surrounded by those pearly white teeth it certainly stood out. And followers of the podcast’s Instagram account certainly noticed it.

“Love the podcast and teen mom 2! I am the person who will point out if someone ha something in their teeth… (I am a hygienist, kind of my job) the gum on her teeth I the first thing that caught my eye in this picture! Love it but wanted you all to know!” One individual penned in the comments.

A second chimed in: “I must know lol, is that a colored tooth or gum in your [co-hosts] (Lindsie) mouth Haha the question of the day that can’t go [unanswered] lol.”

Now, it appears that both Lindsie and Kailyn manage the podcast’s Instagram account. They were both quick to clarify it was a vibrantly colored piece of gum hanging out in her mouth.

Their followers relate to the gum selfie.

The podcast has a pretty healthy Instagram following of 145,000 people. Considering both TV personalities have their own healthy followers, this isn’t too surprising. And, many of their followers found the photo with the “colored tooth” relatable. Some joked that they’ve made that mistake with gum in far too many pictures.

Even Lindsie Chrisley herself noted she should have opted for white gum instead.

The comment section overall seemed to be lighthearted. No one was giving Lindsie any grief for her vibrantly “colored tooth.” And Lindsie seemed to be joking and shrugging the funny photo mishap off.

So, have you ever taken a photo with something in your mouth that made it look funny? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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