Do Adam & Danielle Busby Give The Quints Too Much Freedom?

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A few months ago, Adam and Danielle Busby released photos from the latest Graeson Bee Boutique photo shoot. OutDaughtered fans were thrilled to see fresh photos of their favorite TLC family. But, they noticed one of the Busby quints was missing from the photos. Where was Riley Busby? Why wasn’t she in any of the photos?

Now, Adam Busby did explain the missing quint.

Adam Busby took the time to explain why a quint was missing from the photos. Turns out, the girls have a lot of freedom. Adam and Danielle do not believe in forcing their girls to participate in filming or photo shoots. So, any of their girls can opt out if they don’t want to participate.

Fans have also asked Adam Busby if the cameras were invasive on Instagram. The Busby dad gave a similar response. Again, he explained the girls have a lot of freedom. They don’t like forcing them to do things. And, that, is how they keep the cameras and filming from being invasive.

Should girls so young have such freedom?

Now, the stir beyond the “Where was Riley Busby?” chatter went much deeper than the missing quint. People debated Adam and Danielle’s parenting choices. Some OutDaughtered fans took issue with the amount of freedom the girls had.

They questioned if Adam and Danielle Busby understood the difference between being parents and being friends. Some felt Danielle and Adam were more concerned with making the quints happy as opposed to doing what is truly best for them.

Fans criticize Adam and Danielle’s parenting often.

Adam and Danielle Busby are no stranger to parenting criticism. Unfortunately, it is just something that comes with being reality TV parents. Some people who follow the family just believe they know how to do things better. For example, they recently caught a lot of heat for dressing the quints in the same outfit for school. Weren’t they getting a little old to dress in matching clothing?

Danielle, possibly getting wind of the conversation, defended dressing them in similar clothing. She explained the quints enjoy dressing in similar outfits. She does NOT force it on them. And, then, the quints opted to wear completely unique outfits that Friday.

Not all fans criticize the Busby parents.

Some fans hate hearing that so many people criticize Adam and Danielle. Supportive fans note people need to back off and let Adam and Danielle do what they want with their children. Some fans even noted that if people continue to be so critical Adam and Danielle Busby might remove their girls from the spotlight.

So, do you think Adam and Danielle Busby give the quints too much freedom? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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