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Did Jim Bob Duggar Bribe Anna With A Huge Payday To Stay With Josh?

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Some of the more critical members of the Counting On family worry that Anna Duggar is continuing to have children in an unhealthy marriage that lacks in the love department. Her husband Josh has all sorts of demons in his closet. Yet, she’s somehow forgiven him. And, she remains married to him. Has she truly forgiven him? Is she really happy in the marriage? Or, could there be something else that is keeping her connected to her husband?

Did Jim Bob Duggar bribe Anna to stay with her husband Josh?

According to Hollywood Gossip, there is a lot of evidence to suggest Jim Bob Duggar had a pretty large hand at keeping Josh’s marriage together. Did Jim Bob Duggar bribe Anna to stay? That is certainly what some who follow the TLC family seem to think.

Turns out, The Sun obtained some interesting Arkansas property records. These records reveal Anna Duggar is selling a house with five bedrooms and four bathrooms located in Springdale. She has it listed at $799,000.

Now, here is where things get interesting. This is actually a home Anna purchased from Jim Bob Duggar. And, she got it for a STEAL. Anna Duggar purchased the home from Jim Bob for just $257,000. And now? Well, she’s trying to flip it for a pretty hefty profit. And, that isn’t even the whole story. It gets a little juicer. 

Turns out, Jim Bob Duggar actually paid MORE for the house. That’s right, he actually lost money selling it to Anna. In 2016, he purchased the home for $325,000. Three years later, he took a significant financial hit by selling it to his daughter-in-law.

Now, it would appear as if they dote on the property.

The listing describes the home as: “An eagle’s perch view in this unique opportunity includes one of the highest points in Benton County offering spectacular views on sitting of 5.22 beautiful acres.” And, that certainly sounds like a great place to live. But, it turns out it might be far from the truth.

And inside source spilled the beans to The Sun. The source revealed the house was nothing more than a shell. And, it needed a TON of work. So, it probably isn’t worth what Anna Duggar is trying to flip it for.

Was the house some sort of bribe?

For the past year, a lot of Duggar fans have wondered if that might have been the case. After all, it didn’t really make sense for Jim Bob to lose money on the house.

Many suspect Jim Bob Duggar told Anna she would be able to sell the house for a significant amount of money. But, she had to stay with her husband and his demons to have it.

Do you think bribing Anna with a huge payday to stay wish Josh sounds like something Jim Bob Duggar would do? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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