Todd Chrisley Condemns Society In Powerful Instagram Post, Is He Right?

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Todd Chrisley took to Instagram today to condemn society with a very powerful Instagram post. And, we can’t help but wonder, if he could be on to something. With 2.2 million Instagram followers, Todd certainly has the platform to make a difference. What is it that has the reality TV dad speaking out? Keep reading for the details.

Warning: This article may contain trigger topics, proceed with caution. 

Todd Chrisley questions how society is alright with the world we live in.

“What is wrong with this world and the people living in it?” Todd Chrisley asked in his very powerful Instagram post.

The post was a collection of screenshots with some text across the top. The text read “today, I am sad and scared.”

The screenshots were various news stories. The first news story was about a law in Arkansas that required victims to consult with their rapist before getting abortions. The second was a man getting joint custody of his child. The child was conceived after the man raped a 12-year-old girl years earlier.

The third was about an Oklahoma Republican that believed rape was “the will of God.” And, the final one, was North Carolina debating consent. The bill suggested that once consent is given it cannot be revoked.

“How can a state allow a rapist to sue a woman for custody of a child conceived through her rape? How can a politician say that rape is the ‘will of God’?” A horrified Todd Chrisley continued to ask. “How can a state say that once s** starts a woman can’t say ‘stop’?”

Folks, if we don’t stop this sh** and stand up and say NO MORE we will be living in a world with no boundaries or limits which will result in a world of fear, shame, degradation and anarchy , things like this need to be stopped and now.”

The USA Network star’s followers were HERE for the powerful post.

Inside of 10 hours, Todd Chrisley’s post attracted a lot of attention. It amassed over 45,000 likes. And, over 5,000 comments. Everyone had something to say. Many agreed. Other celebrities came forward. Many were horrified and shocked by the news headlines Todd shared. Some could not believe these were legitimate stories. Unfortunately, anyone can search the headlines. They are very real.

  • “How is this even possible??!!!”
  • “They are also trying to ‘normalize’ this pedophilia stuff. Very very sad times we live in.”
  • “We live in a sad world where we are protecting the criminals and the victims suffer all over again. God help us!”
  • Is this really true? This makes me sick to my stomach.”

Some admitted to being flabbergasted. Flabbergasted that these headlines were actually real. Unfortunately, there are not hoaxes.

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