Lindsie Chrisley Snubs Nanny Faye On Her Birthday

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Lindsie Chrisley did not join the rest of her estranged family in wishing her grandmother Nanny Faye. Unfortunately, this means her son Jackson likely doesn’t have a relationship with Nanny Faye either. And, considering Nanny Faye is a fan favorite, this makes a lot of Chrisley fans pretty sad.

Lindsie Chrisley seemingly snubs Nanny Faye, has no relationship with the family.

Now, as we’ve previously reported, Lindsie Chrisley is a pretty open book on social media. Her Instagram followers have made a habit of telling her how refreshing it is. Refreshing that she makes an effort to respond to so many of the comments on her Instagram. And, she doesn’t shy away from answering questions about her estranged family either. Unfortunately, she’s made it crystal clear she has no relationship with them.

At one point in time, fans asked Lindsie if she and her parents ever talk on major holidays. Lindsie Chrisley revealed she hasn’t spoken to her parents on the phone in years. She explained the phone worked both ways and it’d been nearly a decade since the last time her father Todd picked up the phone to call her.

Now, Chrisley Knows Best fans took issue with this information. They noted Lindsie had made appearances on the show and been around her family inside of the last decade. She, however, never said she hadn’t seen her parents or family. She simply clarified that her father hadn’t called her on any major holidays or for a casual chat in nearly a decade.

Other family members wish Nanny a happy birthday.

While Lindsie Chrisley didn’t appear to have any love for Nanny Faye, she was alone in feeling this way. None of the other members of the family snubbed Nanny Faye. In fact, nearly every member of the Chrisley family (including Savannah’s boyfriend Nic Kerdiles) wished her a happy birthday.

There are technically still several hours left in the day. So, Lindsie Chrisley could still come out of the woodwork to wish her grandmother a happy birthday. But, she has previously made it clear she has nothing to do with her family. So, no one is really expecting her to pay tribute to Nanny Faye.

Unsurprisingly, Chrisley Knows Best fans were happy to pick up Lindsie’s slack. And, they flooded the other family’s birthday posts to wish their favorite reality grandmother a very happy birthday.

Does it make you sad to know Lindsie Chrisley has no relationship with Nanny Faye?

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