Hallmark’s Fall Harvest 2020 Promises Cozy Romances, Fall Leaves & Some Pumpkin Spiced Fun!

Hallmark Fall Festival 2020-Photo: Kathryn Kohut, Chris Violette, Clark Backo, Jonathan Keltz, Gabrielle Jennings, Tim Progosh Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Courtesy of Mar Vista Entertainment

Ready for some autumnal romance? Hallmark’s Fall Harvest 2020 includes five brand new movies, to air five weekends in a row. Here is a preview of all five movies and when Hallmark will premiere each one.

Hallmark’s Fall Harvest 2020 Kicks Off With Love At Daisy Hills

According to the Love At Daisy Hills preview, Jo (Cindy Busby) has a business problem. The Daisy General Store is failing. Add that this was a family business started by Jo’s mother, she is panicked at what she needs to do. Enter her dad, a family business that her late mother started. It isn’t making any money.

Enter Jo’s dad, Duke (Paul Essiembre). Unbeknownst to Jo, he calls her ex-boyfriend Blake (Marshall Williams). Blake saves businesses for a living. But, Jo and Blake were once sweethearts. He left for NYC, and she never went to Brooklyn as he planned.

Will Jo listen to Blake’s suggestions and save the local business? Will Jo and Blake find what they had before? You can find out when Love At Daisy Hills airs on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, September 19, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Love At Look Lodge Is Second Hallmark Fall Harvest Movie

Love At Look Lodge  is the story about hotel events coordinator Lily (Clark Backo). She is doing what she loves and helping guests plan their dream events. She is now set to help Justine (Kathryn Kohut) get exactly what she wants for her wedding. But, Lily needs to work with Justine’s brother, Noah (Jonathan Keltz).

Noah is more interested in his own work, not planning a wedding at the remote and romantic Look Lodge. Ever the cheerleader, Lily finally gets Noah involved and the two become close as they decide on the autumnal fun. Love At Look Lodge premieres on Saturday, September 26 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Fall Harvest 2020 Gets Musical With Country At Heart 

Country At Heart  is a musical Hallmark Fall Harvest movie. It stars Jessy Schram, Niall Matter and Lucas Bryant. Shayna (Schram) is a musician who has come home after a career failure in Nashville. While she is regrouping, she meets up with songwriter Grady (Matter). He has already established himself as a talented songwriter. Could this be her pivot?

Sparks seem to be flying until Shayna meets Duke (Bryant). Duke is a popular sensation and is quite taken by Shayna’s talent. Consequently, he even offers her a gig performing before his set on his upcoming tour. Does Shayna take this opportunity to make her longtime dream come true? Or does she stay where here heart has found bliss? All three leads are singing original songs in this very musical romance. Country At Heart premieres on Saturday, October 3 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

How About An Autumnal Wedding In My Best Friend’s Bouquet?

My Best Friend’s Bouquet stars Chaley Rose and Nathan Witte. Josie (Rose) has a romantic heart. Therefore, she loves old movies and believes that whomever catches the bridal bouquet is the next to get married. However, she has not met anyone.

Subsequently, she catches the bouquet at a wedding, but doesn’t start dating anyone until afterwards. Is this her guy? Maybe she needs to look a little closer? That is because her college pal Alex (Witte) may be the guy that completes here. Moreover, does she trust the wedding bouquet? My Best Friend’s Bouquet premieres on Saturday, October 10 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Hallmark’s Fall Harvest 2020 Ends With Fan Favorites Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker In Sweet Autumn

Hallmark’s final Fall Harvest 2020 stars Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker. Maggie (DeLoach) has left the big city to return to her small hometown. She is there to for a will reading, and she is inheriting.

Turns out, her aunt bequeathed her a maple candy business. Ok half of Aunt Dee’s business. The other half? It is now owned by Dex (Walker). Will she stay home and make it work with the business and this new romance, or will she go back to the big city? Hallmark’s Sweet Autumn premieres on October 17, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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