‘Sister Wives’ Fans Ask: Where The Heck Is Kody Brown?!

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Kody Brown is giving off some serious Where’s Waldo vibes right now. And, Sister Wives fans are NOT here for it. Why are fans of the TLC series so upset? What has everyone asking, “where the heck is Kody Brown?” Keep reading to see what all the fuss is about.

Why do Sister Wives fans care where Kody Brown is right now?

As we’ve covered multiple times, Kody Brown’s daughter Maddie recently took her daughter to the hospital for amputation surgery. Maddie shared a photo after the surgery with the first real update. And, she shared another photo a week later. Then, just today, she took to Instagram to defend her decision to amputate her daughter. And, to answer some burning questions from fans.

Now, Janelle Brown shared a photo of Maddie and her babies on Instagram. Making it clear she was with her daughter at the time of the surgery. Janelle did what she could to support her daughter during this difficult time. What fans, however, couldn’t help but wonder was simple. Where the heck was Kody Brown?

It is worth mentioning Kody Brown really doesn’t have much of a social media presence. Sure, he has an Instagram account and a Twitter account. But, he rarely uses them. In fact, the last time he posted something on Twitter was back in July.


Moreover, Kody Brown rarely appears in the social media posts by his wives. At least, this is true for three of his wives. His fourth wife, Robyn, who he is believed to spend most of his time with also isn’t active on social media. In fact, she hasn’t posted on Instagram in over a year. So, Sister Wives fans aren’t looking to her for much of an update.

Did he not support Maddie during Evie’s surgery?

The reason Sister Wives fans are so upset is simple. They wanted and expected a public display of support for Maddie and Evie from Kody. Currently, most believe he stayed at home with Robyn while Janelle went to support their daughter and granddaughter alone. And, fans are really letting Kody have it in the Sister Wives Facebook groups.

What kind of grandfather doesn’t support his daughter and granddaughter during an amputation surgery? Moreover, where is Kody Brown right now?


With COVID-19, chances are pretty good the hospital has certain policies in place regarding visitors. But, there are certainly still ways Kody could have been there to support his daughter and his granddaughter.

Is there any change Kody Brown was with Janelle to support their daughter and granddaughter? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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