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‘OutDaughtered’ Mom Danielle Shares On Helping With Hurricane Laura

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OutDaughtered fans worried about the Busby family during hurricane Laura. They heard the family hunkered down and waited out the storm. But then, they got very little feedback. However, Danielle took to the family blog and explained that they focused on their hometown, Lake Charles. Danielle gathered a lot of information on how people can help those who live there.

OutDaughtered – Adam’s mom, dad, and sister stayed with them

Ahead of hurricane Laura, Adam’s mom, dad, sister and her kids arrived in Houston, Texas. Shortly after the storm hit Louisiana, Danielle shared photos of the devastation in Lake Charles. Now, she took to her Instagram stories and referred fans to the family blog. There, she shared many more photos of the damage in the area. And, she revealed that they keep themselves busy assessing the needs of people who live there.

The OutDaughtered mom suggested a list of real needs by hurricane victims. And, they also recommended the best ways that concerned fans can assist. On the It’s A Buzzworld blog, Danielle explained, “It’s been a few days since #HurricaneLaura hit our home town of Lake Charles. It is so devastating. All of our friends and every single family member we have in Lake Charles has been impacted in some way by Laura, with many [losing everything].”

Lake Charles pretty much ‘destroyed’

According to Danielle, “every business and structure” in Lake Charles suffered damage. In fact, she describes the city as ” destroyed.” She also pointed out the lack of power and water, which could take”weeks” to fix as the facilities were “completely demolished.” Clearly, people who live in Lake Charles need a lot of help.

Initially, the OutDaughtered couple anticipated hurricane Laura heading to the League City area. Ahead of that, they planned evacuation to the west with the girls. Grateful the storm missed them, however, their hometown Lake Charles bore the brunt of it. Right now, despite the devastation, she feels thankful for everyone’s safety. But, many people face rebuilding.

Friends, family, and  cousins need help

“Nana & Papa, Grandma, Kayla & David, and the girls.. along with all our Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and so many friends have SO MUCH TO REBUILD,” Danielle said. In fact, that extends to the entire community. Danielle said that her sister Lily transformed her “hair salon, Heist Hair Bar, Waiting/Reception Area into a Donation Collection Site.” So, if you plan donations, you can drop them off there. But, remember you need a mask.

The OutDaughtered star also said they hunt for reputable organizations where fans can make monetary donations. Notably, they hope that any cash goes to the right people. You can check out all the requirements and other ideas on how you can help by visiting the blog.

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