Nick Viall Talks To Vanessa Grimaldi About Their Failed Engagement

'The Bachelor' Nick Viall via Instagram

It’s been three years since Bachelor Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi were together. Neither really had much to say about their split. Now, with Nick’s season re-airing on ABC, he spoke with Vanessa. She agreed to appear on his podcast, The Viall Files. They got engaged on the March 2017 finale and broke up in August. What did they have to say to each other after so much time has passed?

Nick talks to Vanessa

They finally shared all about what went down with their relationship. US Weekly shared all about the podcast. Nick said he thinks they both probably have anxiety and fear over what the other would say went down in the privacy of their own homes. Nick said he thinks in her version he probably sounds like a “heartless d*ck.”

Vanessa thinks it is her who probably would come off sounding bad. She thinks everyone who hears Nick’s side of story would think she is emotionally unstable.

She also said when they were a couple they struggled to meet each other halfway. Vanessa said, “I don’t think you really ever understood how I felt and I don’t think I ever really understood how you felt.”

They dove deeper into why it just wouldn’t work

Nick said, “I think the one thing Vanessa and I really agreed about is how much we cared and how much we tried.” the “ He continued, “And we just went about it so unproductively. … If the speed of how your driving is equal to the effort you’re putting in, we were both going 100 miles per hour, but we were both going at opposite directions at one another and it eventually just crashed and exploded.”

Plus, Vanessa and Nick admitted they even went to couples therapy. They did everything they could to give their relationship a fair chance.

Vanessa went on to reveal information that Nick was unaware of. She said, “Coming off of the show, it was f—king hard. I don’t even know if you know this but I would lock myself in the bathroom, just turn the shower on and cry for hours. I’m pretty sure I went through states of depression … while we were living together in downtown L.A., while you were on Dancing With the Stars.”

His response was just as shocking to Vanessa. Nick said, “You were crying in the shower and I was just sitting for hours at the gym, sighing, huffing and puffing. I wasn’t even working out, I was just sitting there stressed out.”

In the end they agreed they were just too different. They shared the most similarities in areas that weren’t good, such as stubbornness. Vanessa says they were basically two puzzle pieces that just wouldn’t fit.

They have both moved on now and Vanessa actually got engaged recently to her boyfriend. Hopefully Nick will find someone special to share his life with soon.


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