Lawson Bates Shares Heartwarming Story While Helping With Hurricane Laura Cleanup

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As TV Shows Ace reports, Lawson Bates and Jason Duggar are in Lake Charles, Louisiana. These two, along with the Medic Corps, are helping out with Hurricane Laura relief. They both shared on Instagram that they would be helping with the damage.

Counting On and Bringing Up Bates fans are happy to hear that the men are helping out. Many of the guys’ followers have commented on their social media posts to thank them for their dedication and hard work. Some say that they are praying for Jason and Lawson as they get to work. Fans are also looking for ways to help out and donate.

While Lawson and Jason have been in Lake Charles, Medic Corps has shared a couple of updates. Plus, Lawson has shared a few posts. Of course, since they’re hard at work, they can’t be on social media a whole lot. But, Lawson hopped on social media to share a heartwarming story.

Lawson Bates tells story about Hurricane Laura cleanup

There is plenty of negative news right now, from the coronavirus to the hurricane, and so much more. But, Lawson managed to bring a smile to his followers’ faces with a story he shared.

While he was busy helping with hurricane recovery efforts, he received a Facebook message. It came from a couple who said “they were totally boxed into their house by downed power lines and trees since #HurricaneLaura first hit.

Lawson shared a selfie of himself with the couple. He also shared a few videos of the Medic Corps team helping the couple get out of their house safely. He writes, “The team was able to get to their address, and with skid-steer, chainsaws, and wire cutting work, within an hour we were able to clear their road, driveway, and house, giving them access to get in and out‼️

Then, Lawson Bates adds, “Ps, thanks ma’am for the coffee and kind words, it was a pleasure meeting you both! Stay safe.” He encourages his followers to keep all of the volunteers in their prayers.

In response, fans are thanking Lawson for sharing this story, especially amid all the bad news going around. They are also talking about how much they appreciate Lawson being willing to help out. Plenty of his followers are sending prayers his way. They hope he and Jason continue to stay safe.

So, what do you think of the story Lawson Bates shared? Let us know in the comments below.

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