’90 Day Fiance’: Emily Larina Fans Share Sad COVID-19 Feelings

90 Day Fiance Emily Larina

90 Day Fiance star Emily Lariba moved home recently. She seemed excited for a bit of a change in her life. Upbeat about Sasha’s new job and the little boy’s new bedroom, it looked like things finally settled down for her. But now, she took to Instagram and shared about quarantine fatigue. Many of Her fans took the opportunity to unburden their own sad feelings about COVID-19.

90 Day Fiance – Emily feels so down, can’t quite explain why

On Tuesday, Emily took to her Instagram and shared that she can’t quite explain why she feels so down. After all, Sasha’s employed and they have a lovely child. They live in a nice home as well. But, there’s a vague feeling of sadness and going nowhere. She said that she thinks perhaps she suffers from “quarantine fatigue.” Many of her fans feel the same way.

Emily wrote a very long post about it. The 90 Day Fiance star started off with, “I think I’m experiencing what they call quarantine fatigue. I just can’t shake this feeling of general apathy.” She noted that her feelings don’t relate to not taking care of social distancing. They wear their masks and “take precautions.” But, she feels like she’s “stuck and not excited about the future.”

Going through the motions

Talking about her degree and work experience, it seems that the TLC star feels a bit useless. And, not earning well makes her feel dependent on Sasha’s income. Immigration fees and the cost of living get her down. Plus, the division and violence in the USA worry her. In summary, while she can’t put her finger on why she feels the way she does, she just feels blue.

Many fans responded to her, agreeing that they also “go through the motions.” It’s as if there’s no future to look forward to. So they’re stalled. One 90 Day FIance fan wrote, “I feel the exact same. So do most of my friends. Like I’m “stuck” and have no motivation/concrete plans because the future is unknown. I feel discouraged by the division/violence in the media. You guys have accomplished sooo much already! It’s ok to take a “break.”

 Nature helps with the blues, 90 Day Fiance fans suggest

Many of Emily’s fans told her that they find some peace out in nature. Taking a walk in the woods or getting out in the sunshine helps them feel a bit better. But, most of them find that vague depression hard to shake. Actually, it’s a worldwide problem. Across the world, mental health organizations put out advice on coping.

In June, the CDC published a long list of symptom and ways to reach out for help. Many resources exist. But, one big thing seems to involve maintaining relationships. While people may miss physical company, they can at least video chat. Reaching out to others also helps. And, in Emily’s case, it sounds like her 90 Day Fiance fans appreciated her post. It gave them a chance to voice their own fears and sadness.


In her own way, by sharing her sadness, Emily opened a door for others. Maybe that’s a fine example of how we can all help each other.


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