‘Garage Rehab’ Season 3: Latest News On Richard Rawlings’ Other Big Show

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When will Discovery premiere Garage Rehab Season 3? This is the show that Gas Monkey guru Richard Rawlings and his specialized team transform struggling garages and makes them successful. When should the third season start?

When is Garage Rehab Season 3 Starting?

Richard Rawlings, Russell Homes and Chris Stevens make up the Garage Rehab trio. They come into shops and help garage businesses get their finances right. They tell the owners that they are now in charge.

In return for listening to and following all of their expert suggestions, they get a whole lotta money. Fast N’ Loud star Richard Rawlings routinely takes out a big wad of cash. He is now paying the bills. But, they need to change in order to keep getting that influx of cash.

Garage Rehab Shows How Profits Go Down Toilet

Nearly every business on Garage Rehab has financial problems. But there is a cornucopia of reasons why they are in deep with money trouble. Richard usually figures it out in about five minutes.

Richard always says that one quick way is to check out the bathroom situation. If that room is a mess, it pretty much shows how careless the owners run the rest of their business. This can range from the services they provide, to how well they keep the books.

Sloppiness shows a lack of care and respect for the customer. This is even down to the appearance of the crew. Richard always points out that he has tattoos and a beard but tells the staff that they still have to look presentable. First impressions make a difference.

Russell and Chris will listen to Richard’s suggestions and add some of their own expertise to the mix. The team checks out the competition around the garage. They will talk to customers. In addition, they speak with partners and wives. They all want the failing garage to make money and survive. But, no one wants that more than the struggling owner.

Then, the team gets to work transforming the business. This includes the garage staff. They update signage, arrange how the garage is set up and even remove old vehicles that never got restored.

Then, they get some new equipment to offer services or replace used or broken machines. The end result is always dazzling. There are many tough looking owners who wind with a tear in their eye when they survey the final result.

Sometimes, Richard will go back to previous places to get an update. Some businesses wind up transforming their business. Others, well, things are not going so well. Sometimes it is because they didn’t follow Richard’s suggestions.

Production Company Sent Out Casting Call

Back in November 2019, Pilgrim Media sent out a casting call for commercial garages who needed help. Yet, Discovery has not made any sort of announcement on Garage Rehab Season 3.

Most likely, production was halted due to the coronavirus quarantine restrictions. Many businesses were surely impacted by this worldwide pandemic. It would be hard to do the big group work required in the Garage Rehab reinventions under these current rules.

But, we can also imagine that more garages than ever will need Richard’s help. Times have been tough for many businesses. If people are not driving, they don’t need as many oil changes or other car maintenance. Covid-19 may be a big part of Season 3 financial trouble.

Garage Rehab Season 2 Ended In Early 2019

The last time we saw the Garage Rehab trio of Richard, Russell and Chris was in early 2019. That was at the end of Season 2. But, Richard Rawlings is pretty darn busy. Garage Rehab is his side hustle to his main Fast N’ Loud gig and Gas Monkey franchise.

More than likely, Garage Rehab is currently on pause, just like so many other things in the world.

Now that things are starting to open up again, perhaps we will hear news of a new season. Perhaps there will be a premiere date announced before 2020 ends.

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