This Picture Danielle Busby Shared Is Giving ‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Chills

Danielle Busby Instagram

OutDaughtered fans recently took their first breath of fresh air when Danielle Busby took to Instagram to confirm their family was safe and sound. She, however, proceeded to give a devastating update about their hometown. She revealed Lake Charles was destroyed by Hurricane Laura. And, it would take the community coming together to pick up the pieces. According to the Busby mama, a lot of people lost everything or nearly everything to the destruction of the hurricane. Their beautiful hometown would be forever changed.

Danielle Busby shared a collection of photos with her followers.

On Danielle’s Instagram page, she shared a collection of photos a few hours ago. Photos of their once beautiful hometown. These photos were a cry for help on behalf of her hometown. “Lake Charles needs help,” she begged.

With 1.7 million followers, it isn’t too surprising that the collection of photos attracted so much attention. Inside of four hours, the photo was liked over 40,000 times. It has also amassed nearly 1,000 comments. Now, there are a few reasons this number has climbed so quickly. For starters, fans have been watching Adam and Danielle’s pages for days. Worried. Waiting for an update.

One photo in particular quickly drew in OutDaughtered fans. Eight photos into the collection… Fans discovered a photo. And, they found the photo moving. It was a beautiful photo. A chilling photo. And, it had a powerful message.

OutDaughtered fans are in awe of the chilling photo.

Eight photos into the collection, Danielle shared a snap of a statue of Jesus. The statue was still standing and seemingly fully intact. The statue was surrounded by debris and fallen trees. It, however, managed to weather the storm. And, OutDaughtered fans found the photo to be chilling.

Danielle Busby Instagram

One Instagram follower was quick to call attention to the photo: “The fact that the statue of Jesus (pic 8) is still standing is so beautiful. Jesus is and always will be more powerful than a storm.”

Instagram followers of Danielle Busby liked the comment nearly 100 times inside of four hours. A few others responded to the comment. They agreed it was a powerful photo. And, they were happy Danielle took the time to share it with everyone.

  • “I agree! Gave me chills when I saw that!”
  • “Exactly what I was thinking!”

The comment section was flooded with fans sending prayers to Danielle and her home town. A few asked questions. Most just wanted to know how to send donations from out of the state or in other parts of the world.

Overall, however, fans were just happy for the update. So, did the picture Danielle Busby shared give you chills too?

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