Danielle Busby Shares Devastating Hurricane Aftermath Photos, Begs For Help

Danielle Busby Instagram

OutDaughtered fans took a breath of fresh air today after Danielle Busby finally took to Instagram with a Hurricane Laura update. Danielle Busby’s heartbreaking post contained a collection of devastating Hurricane Laura aftermath photos. And her words… They were even more devastating for fans to read.

First things first, is the Busby family safe?

The chief concern among OutDaughtered fans is simple. Are the Busbys safe? After all, the lack of Instagram activity sent fans into a bit of a frenzy over the last 48 hours. With this not being Mimi’s first hurricane, many asked where she was and if she was alright as well.

Though the storm spared us and stayed East, it just completely demolished Lake Charles (our home town). Nana, Papa, Grandma and Kayla & girls all evacuated to our house after we saw Laura was going to go straight over them. Thankful everyone is safe, and that is what is most important.”

Their beautiful hometown, however, was not so lucky.

Fortunately, Danielle Busby did confirm everyone within the family was safe and sound. They, however, could not say the same about their beautiful hometown. And, Danielle feared they would be picking up the pieces for a while.

Hurricane Laura hit the city SO HARD and it is forever changed. All of our friends and every single family member we have in Lake Charles has been impacted in some way…with many & most loosing everything!”

Danielle continued: “Every business and structure in Lake Charles has been damaged. The city is destroyed. AND There is NO POWER! NO WATER! *Lake Charles NEEDS HELP y’all!* Thankful everyone is safe, but now we are asking for your support.”


OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby tells fans how they can help.

“My sister Ashley (Aunt LiLi) has decided to transform @heist_hair_bar Waiting/Reception Area into a Donation Collection Site,” Danielle announced in her very lengthy Instagram post.

Many OutDaughtered fans that lived in other parts of the United States wanted to help. So, did those in other parts of the world. So, they quickly asked if there was a way to send money. At this time, Danielle explained they were not taking any type of cash from people. But, she did offer some info on how to help.

“We are not accepting any cash or checks. We will accept gift cards to purchase items needed. I will provide a link for monetary donations soon, for those of you asking.” She explained.

Danielle Busby also offered info on how to help on their family blog/website.

Those without Instagram can visit Danielle and Adam’s family blog/website. They created a post with details on how to help their hometown deal with the devastation that Hurricane Laura left behind.

“Nana & Papa, Grandma, Kayla & David and the girls.. along with all our Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and so many friends have SO MUCH TO REBUILD. The whole entire city needs to be rebuilt.”

Danielle concluded both her Instagram post and the blog post begging her fans to share the story. And, she hoped. Hoped the community could come together during this difficult time.

Danielle Busby Instagram
[Danielle Busby’s Instagram]
For now, OutDaughtered fans should expect the family to be a little less active on Instagram. While they are in town helping clean up, they might not have access to power. They are, however, all safe and sound. And, fans couldn’t be more relieved to hear this!

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