Savannah Chrisley Puts On Leggy Display & Desires Perfection

Savannah Chrisley

Savannah Chrisley looks great after her surgery for endometriosis. She always felt a bit self-conscious about herself. But, you’d never guess it from her latest photo. On Instagram, she put on a  leggy display as she seeks perfection.

Savannah Chrisley opens up about seeking perfection

The Chrisley Knows Best star went onto her Instagram on Thursday and shared yet another stunning photo of herself. The USA Network star often talks about how she feels a bit self-conscious. Well probably, untold millions of women wouldn’t mind looking like Savannah. But everyone, even reality TV stars feel human emotions.

Savannah recently underwent surgery for her endometriosis. At the time, we noted that “incredibly, the stunning beauty said that she often feels “self-conscious” about her body.” A week on from that, you’d hardly think she felt self-conscious, or even in post-surgical pain if comes to that. In her post, Savannah Chrisley said that she looks for perfection.

Leggy perfection and immaculate makeup

The Chrisley Knows Best beauty captioned an Instagram post with, “I have to admit…I’m a bit uptight and want things to be PERFECT all the time.” The stunning-looking star added, “And in all honesty…I just wanna work on being 23, loving life and letting it just happen instead of trying to control how it happens, and just have fun.”

Next, Savannah Chrisley asked, “does anyone else struggle with these feelings? ❤️” Certainly, it looks like plenty of women empathize with her desires. One said, “THE STRUGGLE IS SO REAL!!! It’ll get easier to manage as you get older but I still struggle with this CONSTANTLY 💕🙌🏼 it’s always nice to know you’re not alone though lol.”

Some fans think Savannah should give it to God

A rather practical fan, a doctor, said they need perfection every single day. But, others suggested she just give it to God. One follower wrote, ” Gorgeous 💕you may get that from your dad 🤣 best thing to do is let go and give it to god. He had given me so much comfort by letting go of things I can’t control! Wish the best for you 💛.”

Another Savannah Chrisley fan suggested therapy. They wrote, “Find a good therapist to work with! It can help so much with managing the anxiety that surrounds the need for control and on perspective for feeling the need for perfection.” Actually, it seems unlikely that Savannah doesn’t already see a therapist. After all, these days, plenty of people turn to them with managing modern lifestyles.

What did you think of Savannah Chrisley’s lovely leggy look? Do you think there’s anything wrong with seeking perfection? How do you deal with your own self-image? Shout out your insights and thoughts in the comments below.

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