Hurricane Laura Has ‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Worried: Where is Mimi?

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In the wake of Hurricane Laura, the worry of OutDaughtered fans extends beyond the core Busby family to extended members such as Michelle “Mimi” Theriot. Where is Mimi right now? Is she safe from Hurricane Laura? Did she evacuate the area? OutDaughtered fans have flooded Adam and Danielle with concern and worry.

Do we know if Michelle ‘Mimi’ Theriot is safe from Hurricane Laura?

OutDaughtered fans have repeatedly asked on both Adam and Danielle’s Instagram page for updates on Mimi. Is she safe from Hurricane Laura? Did she evacuate? Now, it doesn’t look like Danielle Busby has done very much responding in the comments of her Instagram during this difficult time. But, Adam appears to be trying to stay on top of replying to their worried fans. And, it is important to keep in mind, Danielle doesn’t respond to Instagram comments nearly as often as her husband does.

“Praying for all of you. Also MiMi since this is bound to bring up lots of anxiety for her.” One follower penned.

Another chimed in: “You guys are in my prayers! Did you stay or evacuate? No judgement. Is your Mom still in LAke Charles? I’m really thinking about her too! Prayer to you all!!”

Stay safe! I thought of your mama during this time from one of the episodes where her house flooded from a previous hurricane.. stay safe Busby Crew. We’re praying for you.”

So, did Adam give us any sort of update on Mimi? Fortunately, he did. On his most recent Instagram post, many asked for an update on Mimi amid Hurricane Laura. They wanted to know if Mimi was safe. And, Adam Busby could confirm that Mimi was safe.

While he didn’t mention her on the video clip update he gave on his Instagram Stories last night… He did reassure fans in the comments of his Instagram that she had also evacuated to safety. Adam confirmed Mimi was hunkered down at their home with several other members of their family. So, it didn’t sound like there was any reason to worry about a devastating loss within the Busby family.

Their houses, however, are a different story.

At this point in time, the Busby family did not appear too sure of the current state of the homes their family members left behind. Danielle noted that others had told her the damage done to the Lake Charles area was “devastating.” Fortunately, things and houses can be replaced. And, Danielle was just relieved so many of her friends and family members were able to get out of the area before the storm hit.

Both Danielle and Adam Busby have taken turns offering updates to their OutDaughtered fan base about Hurricane Laura. So, chances are pretty good they will continue to do so. For now at least, fans can rest easy knowing Mimi is safe and was with Adam, Danielle, and the quints last night!

So, are you relieved to know Mimi did evacuate before the storm hit? Do you like knowing so many members of the family were together during the storm? Sound off in the comments down below.

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