‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale’s Family Get Out Of Hurricane Laura’s Way

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale

OutDaughtered fans sent in loads of prayers and questions to Adam Busby as Hurricane Laura bore down on texas. But, TLC fans didn’t forget Uncle Dale, Kiki and the kids. So, it came as a relief that they get out of the hurricane’s way.

OutDaughtered – Uncle Dale shared a photo them evacuating

On Wednesday, Dale Mills shared a photo of himself driving the car. Next to him sat Danielle’s sister Kiki. In the back, Bronson and McKenzie, the Bubsy kids’ cousins smiled at the camera. Dale captioned it with, “Sending Positive Vibes and prayers to our friends and family back home in Louisiana. Stay safe out there! We got out of dodge ourselves and away from the water.”

Some fans asked if Dale and Kiki went to stay with Adam and Danielle and the rest of the OutDaughtered family. But, it looks like their home’s packed full. Earlier, we reported that Adam said his mom, dad, and sister made it to their place from Lake Charles. Danielle had no idea how to entertain 10 kids at one time. So, ahead of the hurricane, she let them go for a quick swim in the pool. The Busby family boarded up and hunker down to wait out the storm.


Mimi safe with the Mowbrays

Aunt Kiki shared the same post as Dale. In the comments, fans asked about Mimi, Danielle’s mom. Well, the reply came that she’s with the Mowbrays. Danielle’s sister Ashley Mowbray looks to keep her safe during the hurricane. The reply said, “Mowbray’s got MiMi. She’s all good but making it hard on us. 🤪.”

Other fans asked where Dale and Kiki went to with the kids. The OutDaughtered uncle said they “made it to a hotel on the west side in Katy.” So, for now, it looks like Daniele’s mom and sisters stay safe. Adam’s dad, mom, and sister hunker down with them in Houston. But obviously, people pray for the rest of the family who lives in Lousiana.


Weather channel updates on Hurricane Laura

The Weather Channel updates news on the hurricane hourly. On Wednesday night, they said that “Laura will make landfall Wednesday night into early Thursday near the border between Louisiana and Texas.” The site notes that “catastrophic storm surge and damaging winds will affect areas near where Laura makes landfall.” Plus, “Storm surge could penetrate as much as 30 miles inland in southwest Louisiana.”

Naturally, with news like that, fans fear for the family in Louisiana. One OutDaughtered fan wrote, “Stay safe. Hope your family in Louisiana are in a safe area. Prayers.” Another one wrote, “Praying and hoping you all stay safe!! Positive vibes 💖🙏🏻.”

Hopefully, in the morning, Adam, and Danielle update on their situation in Houston.

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