Fans SLAM Actress For Making MILLIONS In Just One Week On OnlyFans

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More and more celebrities are turning to OnlyFans to earn money amid the coronavirus pandemic. Initially, minor celebs like 90 Day Fiance stars and The Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan made accounts. 

Further, Even mega-successful Kylie Jenner jumped on the OnlyFans trend. And now former Disney star Bella Thorne is wading into the subscription-based social media platform. And fans are NOT happy about it.


What is OnlyFans, Anyway? 

If you haven’t heard of OnlyFans, don’t be embarrassed. The social media platform came out in 2016, but only recently blew up in popularity. Fans sign up for exclusive content from their favorite stars for a monthly fee. The fee varies. For example, Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans is $20 a month. 

The celeb chooses what type of content to provide to their subscribers. However, most of the content is racy, including topless photos. Due to the nudity and adult themes, subscribers must be 18 or older. 

Bella Thorne Rakes In $2 Million In One Week On OnlyFans

The Good Luck Charlie actress just joined OnlyFans a week ago. Within that time, she amassed over $2 MILLION from subscribers. In addition to their monthly fee, subscribers can send the creators additional monetary tips.

In fact, OnlyFans confirmed that Bella’s account broke records by earning $1 million in ONE DAY. The actress is so enthralled by OnlyFans, she plans to create a movie based on her experience. The Cut reports that the actress originally signed up as “research.” 

Some fans took to Twitter to share their reaction to Bella Thorne’s $2 million venture. Many joked that they were going to start their own OnlyFans account.

While fans are happy that Bella is earning money, they ask: at whose expense? 

Fans SLAM Actress and Other Rich Celebs For Using the Subscription Service

For many adult entertainers, OnlyFans is their source of income during the global pandemic. For that reason, Twitter users SLAMMED Bella for co-opting the platform. In fact, before Bella and other celebs made it popular, OnlyFans was mainly a porn site frequented by adult entertainers. 

Fans decry already-rich celebrities taking over the social media platform. 

Moreover, angry fans think Bella and other celebs are coming from a place of privilege. They call for the US to decriminalize prostitution if sites like OnlyFans are allowed.

The actress did reveal that part of her intake from the subscription service will go to charity. She’s using The other portion to finance the above-mentioned movie. 

What do you think about OnlyFans? Tell us in the comments if you think rich stars should leave the platform for adult entertainers. 

As for Bella Thorne, she has several acting projects in the works, including the OnlyFans movie. Follow us on social media for more updates on your favorite television stars. 

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