How Did Tori Bates Of ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Handle Giving Birth During A Pandemic?

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COVID-19 has made a lot of things different and giving birth to a baby is already a scary experience. Tori Bates made the most of giving birth during a pandemic.” The Bringing Up Bates star brought a plan with her to make things more normal. Tori figured out a way to get her family involved despite not being able to have visitors. She said for the birth of her son, Kolter Gray, she started a group message on Facetime and shared from the beginning.

Kelly Jo said all of her daughters were able to be on FaceTime with her while she labored. Kelly said they had the plan from the beginning. She said, “we could at least see her face and expressions and talk to her like we’re in the room.” She hoped her daughter was comforted by it.

This Was The Second Child For Tori Bates And Her Husband

According to Romper, this birth was a lot different than the arrival of her first child. Another Bates girl gave birth in January right before COVID became a thing. Carlin said, “I literally had my baby two months ago,” back in March, “and now everything has completely changed.”

She said, “I thought I had it bad with like, three people in my room. Now it’s limited to one, COVID-19 patients everywhere, they’re all headed to the hospitals.” She said she kept Tori in her thoughts and expressed empathy for the hard time she must have been having. Carlin had to deal with COVID first hand when she got it earlier this month. Her husband, Evan Stewart was also affected. Carlin posted on Instagram, “We are on the tail end of recovery and are both doing better. We feel for you that are struggling with COVID right now and we are keeping you in our prayers.”

The Reality Star Prepared Well For The Birth

According to an older article on Meaww, Tori asked Erin Bates to help her put together the babies’ room. Tori was grateful to have her there to help keep her chill during doctor’s visits. The fact she was going to give birth during a pandemic gave her a little cause for concern. Having a baby when you have a big family means tons of support, and Tori wasn’t going to miss out. She said, “Nobody can be here, let’s just have a party with it.”

She had concerns Bobby wouldn’t be able to be in the room with her. It turned out he would be the only one. Fans loved a picture she shared of the newborn looking adorable in a white hat and blue jacket. She also shared pictures from her wedding captioning it, “my heart.”  Bringing Up Bates comes on Thursday nights.

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