‘Below Deck Med’ Fans Call Out Malia White’s Hypocrisy With Deck Crew

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Yet again, fans are not happy with the latest episode of Below Deck Med. It was already shaping up to be a weird episode. It was the first episode without Hannah Ferrier as the chief stew. Her firing was over an unregistered Valium prescription.

The previous week’s episode was hard for many viewers to watch. The fallout from the episode led Bravo to scramble and explain the reason for Hannah’s firing. Even Captain Sandy Yawn explained on the Below Deck Med After Show claimed it was a liability issue. On Monday night’s episode, the crew tried to find a way to move on from the drama.

However, the seas turned rocky once again.

Bosun Malia White can’t get a hold of her deck crew

Monday night’s episode of Below Deck Med included a beach picnic. As fans know, these things never turn out well. New chef Tom Checketts didn’t want to go to the beach. Bosun Malia White griped when he handed her a tray of cocktail shrimp bowls to take with her.

The tensions were high, as there are two weeks left in the charter season. Rob Westergaard wasn’t happy when bowline tangled on the tender. He didn’t appreciate it when he was talked down to by his fellow crew members.


The drama continued later that evening when Rob and Peter Hunziker ignore a request from Malia about the slide. Below Deck Med fans are aware that Malia doesn’t like to be mistreated by her crew members. Earlier this season, she had a fit when Peter referred to her as a “sweetheart.” Malia decided to call her deck crew “f***er.”

Rob, who’s usually cool and collective, didn’t take kindly to her remark. So, he decided to confront Malia about it, in front of Captain Sandy. But the bosun refused to back down or apologize.

What’s even more shocking is that Sandy just watches them fight back and forth. She eventually inserts herself in the conversation to take Malia’s side.

Below Deck Med fans call out Malia’s hypocrisy

Fans found the scene hypocritical. Captain Sandy and Malia already got plenty of backlash this season for their treatment of Hannah and chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran. Below Deck Med viewers hated the way that Sandy micromanaged Kiko in the galley before firing him.

Then viewers took to Malia’s Instagram page to accuse her of acting like a “snake.” She sent Sandy a photo of Hannah’s CBD and prescription Valium, which led to her firing. It’s clear that they are fed up with Malia. After Monday night’s episode, they took to Twitter to call her out. Others called out both Sandy and Malia.

“So #CaptLurk think it’s appropriate for Snake Malia to call her subordinates f***ers,” one fan wrote. “This season of #BelowDeckMed is going to become unwatchable.”


“Omg. @CaptSandyYawn is taking Malia’s side when she called him a f***er?” I’m sick of these women acting like a**holes and claiming it’s bc they’re women and no one respects them,” another added. “How about be respectful and get respect. F***ing dips****.”

“So Malia can just call Rob a f***er and its fine?” a third one wrote. “@CaptSandyYawn you have really failed your crew this season.”

“I can’t believe I just watched Rob tell Malia he didn’t appreciate her calling him a f***er and she goes, ‘Well then don’t be one.’ IN FRONT OF SANDY AND SHE DID NOTHING!!” one excited fan tweeted. “But Pete gets scolded for calling her sweetheart.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Malia and Sandy were being hypocritical about the situation? Sound off below in the comments section.

Below Deck Med airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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