Mama June Celebrates Her New Beginnings, Finds Peace At The Ocean

Mama June and geno

Mama June Shannon lost that tormented and desperate look of a meth user now. An emotional wreck during the last season of Family Crisis, she looks way better now. These days, she finds a sober life, new beginnings, and gets her pride back living by the ocean.

Mama June takes pride in her journey back to sobriety

In the recent season of the WEtv show, fans saw June looked terrible. Haggard, disheveled and very out of sorts, she finally confessed to her drug addiction. While may fans slammed her for running off with Geno, she makes a huge effort now with her recovery. While some critics won’t forgive her for hurting Honey Boo Boo when she became estranged, drug addicts just don’t think straight.

But these days, Mama June works on her sobriety in Florida. Often, she shares photos and videos of her working out with her friend Adam Barta, And most times, that takes place at the beach. We reported that she seemed thrilled when her manager Gina Rodriguez gave her a special sobriety chip. It celebrated her staying sober for six months.

New beginnings and peace at the ocean

Everyone loves the beach, The sun, the sand, the bright umbrellas, and the salty spray make for a perfect vacation. But, June seems to take so much more from it. On the weekend, she shared some photos taken with her new night camera. The photos aren’t brilliant, but they give fans an idea of what June experienced on the beach.

Mama June wrote, “Got to love the night camera just wanted to share with y’all just listening to the ocean and the wind.” Her hashtags noted, “#lifeisgood #newbeginnings #lovinglife #soberlife.” Did you even sit on the beach at night and just listened to the wind? And, the sounds of the waves, with the breeze blowing in your hair? If you did, then you know how to appreciate nature to the fullest.

The ocean helps people feel happy

CN Traveler notes that water makes us happier. In fact,  they reported that “Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D., a marine biologist,” wrote a book about the “psychological benefits of water.” Actually, one of the big reasons the ocean makes people feel happy and contemplative is the fact that it’s so big. It brings everything into perspective and makes people realize just how much bigger the world is than them.

Possibly, the best thing Mama June ever did, was going to Florida as she rebuilds her life again. Many of Mama June’s fans hope that one day they hear she and her daughter Honey Boo Boo get back together again. And, they encourage June as she grows toward that point in her new life.

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