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Abbie & John David Duggar Catch Heat After Sharing This Photo Of Grace

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There is no denying Abbie and John David Duggar’s daughter Grace is adorable. But, their parenting skills have recently been called to question. In fact, it seems as those Counting On followers have pretty mixed feelings about a photo the couple shared on Instagram a little less than a week ago.

John David and Abbie Duggar take Grace on her first boating trip.

A little less than a week ago, Abbie and John David Duggar shared a snap on Instagram.

Abbie was cuddled up close to John David. They had huge smiles on their faces. They were enjoying a little boating trip together. Noticably, their adorable young daughter Grace was in the background.

Now, Abbie and John David got some praise for making sure their baby was safe in a life jacket in case anything happened. But, that wasn’t all fans noticed.

For some reason, John David and Abbie had their baby girl sitting inside of a plastic storage tote.

Rocking a hat to protect her skin from the sun. And rocking a life jacket… The baby certainly looked safe enough. But, was she?

Duggar followers had mixed feelings about the baby in a plastic tote.

On their Instagram page, many seemed to have nothing but support to give to the couple. Many were tickled by the baby in a plastic tote. Some praised the couple for their creative “containment.” Others gushed that they “loved” the baby in a box idea.

But, was Grace really safe inside of that plastic tote? The critics on Reddit really didn’t seem to think so. In fact, they had a lot of complaints about the photo.

For starters, why was Grace so far from her parents? They worried if the boat hit one bump the baby could go overboard. And, if the plastic tote flipped upside down in the water… The life jacket wasn’t going to do baby Grace that much good. Here’s some of what critics had to say.

  • “D*** I thought that was a doll! and enough with the flying references WE GET IT YOU ARE A ‘PILOT’ now become a lifeguard so if the boat capsizes you can rescue your daughter from and upside down plastic box.”
  • “Its not terrible. The biggest issue I have with it is that it appears to be sitting on top of those rails instead of in between them so the plastic tub could potentially slide when turning or going over a wave and tip over.”
  • “So like, as a mom, I would have held my kid for the selfie. I don’t understand why she is so far away from her parents. On a boat.”

Interestingly enough, even the typical Duggar critics seemed to have mixed feelings about the baby in a plastic tote. Some seemed to think that if the tote had been closer to her parents or more secure on the boat it would have been fine.

Is this a Duggar thing to do?

Interestingly enough, Abbie and John David are not the first in the family to take this approach to boating. Kendra and Joe posted very similar photos earlier this month. The real different? It was a laundry basket and not a plastic tote. Another difference? Kendra and Joe did NOT have a life jacket on their child. And, they were crucified for it by their followers.

Moreover, the critics on Reddit noted Michelle and Jim Bob used to put their children in laundry baskets. And, they lived to talk about it. So, maybe it is a Duggar thing.

The real question is simple. What do you think about John David and Abbie Duggar putting their daughter in a plastic tote?

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