Why Did Chase Chrisley Have Bad Luck With Love Before Emmy?

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Chase Chrisley wasn’t always good at love. Todd Chrisley is “grateful” that his son found love with his new girlfriend, Emmy Medders. He wasn’t always happy with Chase’s former girlfriends. The brutally honest reality star wanted his son to choose better people.

Prior to his new girlfriend, Chase dated Kayla Puzas. Just a year ago, Chase shared a photo of Kayla on Instagram, referring to her as his “wifey.” TV Shows Ace previously reported that the pair have since split.

Todd Chrisley talks about Chase Chrisley’s bad luck with dating

Todd Chrisley told Life & Style that his son “has had s*** for luck” when it came to dating. He exclaimed that Chase never chose the right people to date. He made it clear to his son that he had to make better choices.

“No one that Chase has ever dated has ever been allowed to come to our home, to sit as his mother’s table or to be around us because I felt like he was worth more than he was settling for,” Todd explained. “We were not going to be subjected to his bad choices.”

Todd said that Chase is a “sweet boy” who has “the kindest heart in the world.” Many days, he hoped and prayed that the 24-year-old would bring home someone who is “the same caliber” as his mom, Julie Chrisley. Those are some big shoes to fill.


“God answered that prayer with Emmy,” Todd continued. “She is a good, decent, honorable, honest, all-American sweetheart and her family is just literally the salt of the Earth.” It sounds like Chase has found a good one finally.

Chase and Emmy became Instagram official in June. Todd said that Emmy has “made [Chase] a better person” throughout their time together.

“That’s who you want to see your children with,” added the Chrisley Knows Best star. “You want your children to be with someone that’s going to make them better, and she makes him want better every day of his life.”

Chase Chrisley agrees with his famous father

Todd Chrisley told both Savannah and Chase not to “date because it’s recreational” but to “date as if you’re looking for a life partner.” He joked that if Chase treated dating like a sport, then he would be “living in Utah in a compound with 50 wives.” He’s glad that his son has since “outgrown” that mindset.

Chase even agrees with his father. He previously told Life & Style that although he’s known Emmy for “a couple of years,” he feels that he has “some growing up to do” before getting married. The couple wants to take things slow.


“We’re not in a rush to do anything,” Chase explained. “We’re just enjoying each other’s company and learning more about each other and kind of just taking it day by day.” Because of this, it doesn’t sound like he is settling down just yet.

In that same interview, Chase Chrisley denied the engagement rumors. It’s clear that he just wants to enjoy this new relationship as much as he can. So make sure you don’t missĀ Chrisley Knows Best for updates.

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