‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Misses Court Date New Arrest Warrant Issued

Unexpected Max Schenzel

Unexpected star, Max Schenzel got himself in trouble with the law again last week. He failed to appear in court on two assault charges. Max seemed to be doing quite well with fewer run-ins with the law since about April. He spent time in a sober house and went off to work regularly.

Unexpected – Max no longer shielded by probation

Unfortunately, we reported that Max tested the patience of his parole officer. She no longer represents him. So in future,  he faces problems without that shield. Now, he failed to appear for his court date on two assault charges. And, they might relate to his domestic clashes with Chloe Mendoza.

Since then, the Unexpected alum got arrested again and in February he allegedly assaulted a police officer after a routine traffic stop. Apparently aggravated assault on an officer and unlawful use of a means of transport was the outcome of that incident. At the time, Starcasm reported that he skipped out on a scheduled court date earlier that same week.

New warrant of arrest for Max

Now, he missed another court date. So another arrest warrant got issued, according to an update by the outlet. They speculate that the court appearances he missed might relate to the domestic assault charges that Chloe made against him. Recall, she alleged that they got into a domestic dispute. It came after he allegedly ended up throwing her phone in her face. Later, she took on a restraining order against him.

Chloe Mendoza finds herself in a difficult situation with her baby daddy because she actually loves him. However, it seems no matter how hard he tries he slips back to his old ways. The Unexpected star retains the loyal following of fans on Instagram. Continuously, they applaud his efforts and urge him to stay on the straight and narrow. He seems like a good dad, and everyone knows that despite her mum’s misgivings, Chloe hopes he gets control of his addictions.


Max looks fit and gyms a lot

When Max went into his sober home, he seemed very excited. Max gave his fans a walkthrough. Often, he worked out on the gym equipment there. Recently, he also shared about his job. For a while, things looked pretty good for Max. Unfortunately, his new arrest warrants could set him back again. After all, his disregard for probation conditions and the courts means that he faces a future unshielded by anyone.

Now, the Unexpected star stands accountable for his own actions and the judge probably loses patience with him. Chloe made a difficult choice when she sent him back home to his dad. She really hoped that things work out for him. And, she anticipated that one day they live together as a family again. Right now, those aspirations sound rather bleak.


Remember to check back with us often as we update the outcome of Max’s most recent run-in with the law.

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