Blayke Busby Will Go To School Online For A Few Weeks

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OutDaughtered¬†fans have wondered why Blayke Busby didn’t return to school with her sisters this week. While, as we already reported, Danielle did respond to those questions on Instagram with information… Fans continue to ask what about Blayke Busby?¬†

Danielle Busby offers update on Blayke going to school.

One of the big reasons why Blayke did not start school with her sisters is because she goes to a different school. She goes to a public school. Technically, the quints were supposed to go to this school with their sister this year. But, Adam and Danielle switched the quints to private school last minute. They thought it might be safer to put the quints in a smaller school during the pandemic.

Danielle and Blayke went to a drive by style meet and greet on Friday to “meet” with Blayke’s teacher. The Busby mom explained it was just a different and safer way of doing things because of the virus. Danielle also revealed that Blayke would not be going to school for a few weeks.

In fact, they were also picking up her laptop and school supplies. Turns out, the public school Blayke goes to will engage in online learning for a few weeks. So, Blayke will be going to school online while the quints go to brick and mortar school.

Could the family catch heat for this schooling decision?

Danielle Busby explains Blayke will just be going to school online for a few weeks while the school gets things ready for students to return. Fans, however, cannot help but wonder if the family will catch heat for having Blayke do school at home while the quints go to a physical school. Why is it more of a risk for Blayke than the quints?

First, it is important to keep in mind that Blayke is likely going to a much larger school than the quints. Blayke is also significantly older and likely has better hygiene habits and routines than her sisters do simply because of her age.

Still, the Busby parents are likely going to catch a little heat for this decision. Why? Mostly because they already caught some backlash when the quints returned to school before Blayke. Some followers of the TLC family didn’t understand why they were putting the girls at risk by sending them to school.

Adam and Danielle, however, have insisted it is nearly impossible for them to give the girls the attention they need to do schooling at home. And, given they have five little girls plus Blayke… That certainly makes sense.

So, what do you think about Blayke going to school online while her sisters go to physical school?


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