Are Cameras Invasive? Adam Busby Explains Balance & Schedules

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Adam Busby recently addressed an OutDaughtered fans concern over whether cameras were invasive to the family.

Being a reality TV family can be exhausting.

Adam Busby and his family have been members of the TLC OutDaughtered series for four years now. The series premiered back in May of 2016. So, for pretty much their entire life… The Busby quints have been surrounded by cameras and crew. This can be compared to Blayke Busby who was four-years-old when her sisters were brought into the world. So, they introduced Blayke to this lifestyle around preschool age.

Fully grown reality TV stars discuss how difficult it is to be in the limelight all of the time. Some TV personalities even walk away from shows and call them out for poor edits and misrepresentation. With all of this information in mind, fans can’t help but worry about the Busby quints. After all, they are so small.

About a week ago, one fan took to an Instagram post on Adam Busby’s profile. The post just happened to feature one of the quints in front of cameras and microphones. The fan wondered if this kind of lifestyle was hard on the quints.

Are the cameras invasive to Adam Busby and his family?

“Aren’t those cameras invasive? Or, have you gotten so used to them that you don’t even care or get frustrated anymore?” One follower penned in the comments of Adam’s Instagram post.

As those who follow Adam Busby on Instagram know, he frequently interacts with fans in the comments. He enjoys answering legitimate questions. And, he’s never afraid to clap back at a trolls. So, Adam did offer this fan an answer to their question.

It’s all about balance and setting boundaries. They aren’t in our home every day. When they are, it is at scheduled times. When the kids don’t feel like filming a particular scene or on a particular day we don’t make them. We make it as fluid as we can.”

The OutDaughtered father and his wife Danielle strongly believe the quints should be in control over whether they are or are not in front of a camera. This is a topic we’ve covered before as it came up when fans wondered why some quints were not featured in the photo shoots on their boutique’s Instagram profile.

Adam and Danielle do not believe in forcing their children in front of the camera. But, fans have seen plenty of times that the girls do enjoy being in front of the camera most of the time. So, it is refreshing to know it isn’t an invasive experience for the family.

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