Adam Busby Reveals Which Quint Struggles With Waking Up

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Waking up and getting so many little girls ready for school each morning can’t be an easy task for Adam and Danielle Busby. And, it is safe to assume some of the Busby quints are probably easier to wake up than others. Fortunately for those who are wondering, Adam Busby decided to give fans a little window into how the mornings before school work in the OutDaughtered household.

One Busby quint in particular struggles with getting up in the morning.

Adam Busby was kind enough to share a very sweet video showing what mornings looked like in his household. He explained that mornings start “really early” now that the girls are in school. Given just how many people he and Danielle have to get up and ready for school, that certainly makes sense!

On this particular morning, Adam reveals that nearly all of the girls are already awake. He also mentioned that over the summer getting up early wasn’t really a cause for concern. So, the first week of school has been pretty rough! But, they eventually fall into a routine that works.

Now, you can watch Adam walk through the house and give a little explanation in the video below.

Adam explains that one of the quints was going to the bathroom. But, he’s pretty sure everyone else was just playing in the bathroom. That left just one Busby quint who was having trouble waking up. Which quint was it?

Turns, out Riley Busby has a lot of trouble getting up in the morning.

Riley Busby’s struggle to wake up in the morning and get going must be something that happens often. Why? Because Adam thought bringing a camera to show fans how cute and funny the struggle of getting the quint up and going was.

As he enters the dark room the words “wait for it…” appear on the bottom of the screen. There is a loud fan noise in the background and the room is fairly dark. Fans can assume the girls are likely not afraid of the dark. At least Riley isn’t.

Adam turns on the light and attempts to wake Riley Busby up. Riley gets up and has adorably messy bed head. She gives her father a half asleep look of death. And then buries herself under her blanket and on her pillow as she tries to return to sleep. The video cuts off shortly after this. And, fans can assume Adam Busby proceeded to work on getting the sleepy quint out of bed.

OutDaughtered fans had mixed feelings about the video.

Some OutDaughtered fans enjoyed getting to see such a sweet video. They loved getting this wholesome content from Adam Busby. Others, however, took issue with the video. They did not like Adam shoving a camera in Riley’s face first thing in the morning. Some questioned why he would do that when she clearly didn’t want to be recorded. Was he violating her privacy or personal space?

Because it was posted on his Instagram Stories the original video did expire. But, it has been recorded and uploaded to OutDaughtered fan pages. So, you can make your own decision on if Adam Busby crossed a line with this sleepy quint!

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