‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Continue Asking Why Riley Isn’t In First Grade 

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OutDaughtered fans continue to have questions after Riley Busby started kindergarten with the rest of the quints. As we previously reported, variations of “what about Riley” popped up in all of the back-to-school posts across the family Instagram accounts.

Now, the reason fans are so confused is because Riley Busby moved up to kindergarten last year. The other quints remained in preschool. So, many are confused as to why she is in kindergarten again. Shouldn’t she be going into first grade?

Here’s what we’ve been able to figure out.

Danielle Busby shared a snap from day 2 of school, fans ask about Riley.

Today was technically day three of kindergarten. Unfortunately, Danielle Busby has yet to show us any photos or videos from day three. But, she did share a photo featuring the Day 2 outfits for fans to enjoy. In the comments, however, some fans were having a hard time enjoying the photo. They remained obsessed with RiRi. They were desperate to understand why Riley Busby was doing a second year of kindergarten. And, they wanted answers.

“I thought Riley went to kindergarten last year. Did you hold her back to stay with her sisters?” One follower penned in a comment liked nearly 50 times. The comment also had nearly 10 comments as others chimed in.

One individual responded: “Yes they held her back.”

“Thought same thing.” Another chimed in.


So, did they hold the quint back?

Now, it is important to keep in mind Adam and Danielle Busby have not addressed the chatter about their daughters. But, a lot of fans and followers of the show have given their input. Even some educators in the state of Texas have come forward in the comments to explain what could be going on. Here’s some of the input from the fan base on what is going on.

  • “She went to the kindergarten class at the preschool but this is ‘real’ kindergarten at the public school i think.”
  • “They all went to a preschool. Riley was just in the kindergarten level of preschool, while the rest were in Pre-k.”
  • “they said earlier that they would have to decide if she was ready for 1st grade after attending private kindergarten or not. I guess she was not.”

Several educators and parents in the state of Texas suggested the decision was out of Adam and Danielle’s hands. They noted Texas has a pretty strict school system. And, Riley Busby is not old enough to be in first grade regardless of her intelligence level.

Unfortunately, all of this is really just speculation and theories from fans at this point. But, they definitely remain obsessed with the decisions Adam and Danielle make about Riley’s schooling.

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