‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Eric Braeden’s Kindness Surprises Grateful Castmate

The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden stands up for Doug Davidson

The Young and the Restless fans are currently petitioning for more airtime for Doug Davidson in his role as Paul. It turns out they not alone in wanting to see more of their favorite character on the CBS Daytime soap. Eric Braeden, who plays Victor, is also bewildered at Doug’s reduced role. He takes to Twitter to reveal his concerns.

The Young and the Restless star Eric mystified by Doug’s reduced role

Eric Braeden plays the role of Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless and has done so for many years.  However, he has recently noticed that fellow Emmy winner Doug Davidson has a reduced role on the popular soap. This upsets Eric as Doug helped to create the CBS soap.

Twitter user @scaron24 posted a link to a petition demanding more airtime for Doug on The Young and the Restless. Eric responds to her tweet, writing, “It’s a mystery to me, why [Dougie] isn’t far more present on a show he helped create!!”

A grateful Doug is quick to thank his long-time castmate for his support. He writes, “You are so kind, Eric. Thank you so very much for your kindness and support. Much appreciated.”

Davidson also responds on Instagram, writing how “incredibly touched” he was by Eric’s gesture. He writes that his “gratitude is beyond words.”


Eric and Doug – castmates and friends

This isn’t the first time Braeden has stood up for his castmate and friend Doug. He has been vocal about Davidson’s career for years. Fans were thrilled to see Doug on the screen so much during the recent The Young and the Restless classic repeats. Many believe Paul’s character is on a comeback when the new episodes began airing. They think Doug has been made a recurring character again.

Noting that fans were upset, Davidson took to Twitter on August 14, to give fans a little “clarification.”  In his tweet, he points out that his contract wasn’t renewed in January 2018. Doug goes on to say that nothing has changed since then. Doug also points out that with the classic shows airing, he appeared more often than in current shows. However, he does say he isn’t sure where the confusion had come from.

Many The Young and the Restless fans quickly respond to his tweet. One believes Doug was getting more airtime in 2019 but now realizes the problem is that his contract has ended. They wrote, “It sucks either way. You should still be there.”

Another fan responds by writing, “#PaulWilliams & #LaurenFenmore are always our favorite on @YandR_CBS.” They continue by noting, “The worldwide fans R forever beside you, great actors @DougDavidsonYR @Traceybregman.”

As noted by Soaps She Knows, at least fans know they are not alone in wanting Doug to have more airtime in his role as Paul. Having seen the classic show reruns, The Young and the Restless fans can’t help but want more! However, you can catch most of your favorite characters on the CBS soap weekdays.

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