Brandi Glanville Gives Explicit Details of Alleged Affair, But Viewers Still Side With Denise

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars and viewers got a big dose of T M I on this week’s episode. After Dorit Kemsley began doubting Brandi’s story of her alleged affair with Denise Richards, Brandi went all in. 

She gave very explicit details about what went down with Denise, pun intended. 

The Denise Richards Gossip Sesh Set-Up

Long before Season 10 of RHOBH premiered, rumors circulated that Brandi and Denise had an affair. Fans had to wait until the second half of the season before that was addressed on the show. In the first half, Denise alienated herself from her co-stars. 

Matters weren’t helped when Brandi told them that Denise was badmouthing her RHOBH co-stars behind their backs. As a result, Teddi Mellencamp leads the charge against Denise. Sutton Stracke even called Teddi out in an earlier episode for going after Denise due to hurt feelings. 

On the Wednesday, August 19 episode, the ladies gathered to celebrate Teddi’s baby shower. Well, most of them. Denise skipped the shower, saying she was sick, which Kyle Richards doubts very much. 

Coincidentally, as soon as Garcelle Beauvais left the shower, Brandi Glanville dropped by, saying she was “in the neighborhood.” As fans know, the RHOBH newbie is Denise’s biggest ally this season. Fans find it sketchy that Brandi was invited in the first place. Considering that Teddi admitted last week to barely knowing her. 

Many of the RHOBH stars believe Brandi’s affair allegations. Surprisingly, Dorit Kemsley took up in defense of Denise. In her confessional, she said that she doesn’t have the best impression of Brandi Glanville after meeting her a few times. 

So, when Dorit pushed back against Brandi’s claims, Brandi provided more detail as “proof.”


Brandi Glanville Gives XXX Details About Alleged Encounter

The heart of Brandi’s allegation is whether the RHOBH star has an open marriage with her husband, Aaron Phypers. Brandi says that Denise originally gave her the impression that her husband is okay with Denise hooking up with girls. However, the RHOBH alum says she later found out that was a lie. 

Brandi alleges that she “bit” Denise when they were making out, leaving a mark. At that point, Brandi says Denise told her she can’t ever tell Aaron about their hook-up. That detail is different from Brandi’s original story. Fans are so confused about the timeline and Brandi’s ever-changing story. 

Apparently, Dorit was the only RHOBH star confused. She told Brandi that she believes Denise when Denise denies an affair. That set Brandi off. 

She went off on Dorit, calling her a “b*tch.” But not before Brandi spilled some very explicit details of her alleged encounter with Denise. She said, “ I f**king sucked on her f**king c**t.”

The other women were SHOCKED by Brandi’s crassness. However, Kyle said in her confessional that it’s just Brandi being Brandi. 

To further prove her case, Brandi said she can “back it all f*cking up” with text messages. 

Brandi Hands Over Her Phone To Co-Stars, But Fans Don’t See Any Smoking Gun Texts

Brandi’s RHOBH co-stars eagerly took her phone to scroll through “pages” of texts, Us Weekly reports. Erika Jayne said it wasn’t the quality of the messages that were incriminating, but the quantity. However, Brandi clearly believed the content of the texts proved she had an intimate relationship with Denise. 

But RHOBH fans just don’t see it. Brandi’s “evidence” is that Denise called her terms of endearment, such as “pretty mama.” Additionally, they two said that they loved each other. However, to fans, that’s typical behavior in a friendship. 

With just one episode left in RHOBH‘s Season 10, it’s unlikely fans will get concrete proof whether Brandi or Denise is telling the truth. With what we know so far, are you #TeamBrandi or #TeamDenise?

Chime in on our social media poll. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 finale airs Wednesday, August 26 on Bravo. 

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