Why Didn’t Blayke Busby Also Start School Yesterday?

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Blayke Busby was not featured in any of the back to school photos Adam and Danielle Busby shared on Instagram yesterday. So, naturally, OutDaughtered fans had a lot of questions. Did they just forget to post pictures of Blayke’s first day? Are they homeschooling Blayke because of COVID-19? Turns out, yesterday was NOT the first day of school for Blayke Busby. So, OutDaughtered fans continued to ask more questions. Namely, they wanted to know why.

Why didn’t Blayke Busby also start school yesterday?

OutDaughtered fans were disappointed they didn’t get any sweet pictures of Blayke Busby. But, it turns out, she did not start school yesterday with her sisters.

“How about Blayke? When does she start school?” One follower penned in the comments of one of Danielle’s Instagram posts.

Another chimed in: “Why are the quints going back to in classroom and not Blayke?”

“Not till mid Sept… It’s a strange school year for all of us since COVID.” Danielle responded.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 was still a problem. And, it caused Blayke Busby to have a delayed start as far as school is concerned.

“What grade is Blayke going into?” Another follower asked.

Danielle Busby Instagram

Danielle responded to this comment as well noting that their oldest daughter was entering 4th grade this year.

OutDaughtered fans continued to flood the comments with more and more questions. They wanted to better understand why Blayke and the quints did not go to the same school. Danielle, however, stopped responding to the questions. So, fans would just have to wonder and sit with their own thoughts for now.

Looks like Blayke will get some alone time with her parents.

The quints returning to school before Blayke Busby isn’t the worst thing in the world. After all, that will give Blayke some solid hours of alone time with her parents. OutDaughtered fans are always concerned about the oldest Busby child getting pushed to the side because of her five younger sisters. So, here’s hoping Blayke Busby and her parents make the most of their time alone together without the quints!


Unfortunately, Danielle Busby did not clarify if Blayke Busby would also return to a physical schooling. It, however, is safe to assume she will if the option is available. Adam explained on Instagram that he and Danielle had a long discussion about physical school versus home school. And, they decided they just couldn’t meet the educational needs of their girls.

So, what do you think about Blayke Busby not starting school with her sisters?

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