What About Riley Busby? Adam & Danielle Ignore Fans Questions

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The OutDaughtered quints started kindergarten yesterday and fans have a lot of questions about Riley Busby. Namely, they are confused about why Riley Busby is going into kindergarten with her sisters. Wasn’t she in kindergarten last year? Why is she repeating another year of kindergarten? Are they holding her back to keep her with her sisters? The questions continued to pour in on the Instagram post.

What about Riley Busby?

When the girls attended Pre-K, Riley Busby instantly stood out. Experts made Danielle and Adam Busby aware of the fact that Riley Busby was having some issues because of her intelligence. She was progressing faster than her sisters.

And, unfortunately, she was bored in Pre-K. She wasn’t being challenged enough. And, it was causing problems. Interestingly enough, some children can act out or misbehave simply because they are not be challenged enough in school.

Danielle Busby Instagram Danielle Busby Instagram

Variations of fans asking “what about Riley Busby?” quickly poured into the comment section of all the back to school posts across all the family Instagram profiles.

  • “Riley was already in kindergarten??? Or am I wrong.”
  • “Is Riley in K or is she in 1st?” 
  • “Is Riley going to first grade or kindergarten again?”

Some OutDaughtered fans researched and offered answers.

Now, Adam and Danielle Busby did not respond to the constant “what about Riley” questions. But, it is possible they were just enjoying a little time without five young girls running around the house. Maybe they didn’t have time to answer the questions. Or, perhaps, they just didn’t feel like explaining it. After all, they are certainly entitled to a little privacy if they want it.

Fortunately for those who could not stop asking, some OutDaughtered fans decided to look into it themselves. They decided they needed to know the answer. So, they did a little research. Many concluded the reason Riley was doing kindergarten again was because she wasn’t old enough to legally be in first grade.

There was even an individual who claimed to be a Texas educator that confirmed this was true. So, it is possible Danielle and Adam would have moved Riley Busby to first grade if they had had the choice to do so. But, for now she’ll just enjoy another year of kindergarten with her sisters.


Some OutDaughtered fans also revealed kindergarten is not mandatory in the state of Texas. These individuals explained that in the state of Texas parents can wait until their children are old enough for 1st grade if they choose to do so.

Fortunately, it does sound like Adam and Danielle Busby didn’t decide to hold Riley back. It, however, does sounds like the way the school system works made the decision for them. So, what do you think about Riley Busby attending kindergarten a second time? Do you think she’ll be bored? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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