Danielle Busby Gushes About First Day Of Kindergarten

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Danielle Busby and her husband Adam were generous enough to include OutDaughtered fans in the quints return to school. Turns out, all five quints will be attending kindergarten together this year. And, Danielle Busby couldn’t be more proud of her beautiful, growing girls.

Quints return to school, Danielle Busby gushes about growing girls.

Danielle Busby has taken to Instagram multiple times to include her followers in the quints return to school. This included two posts on her Instagram profile. And, it included a post on the It’s a Buzz Life profile as well. Adam Busby, however, has not shared any school related content on his own profile.

It is a known fact that Adam Busby has some pretty strong and controversial opinions on COVID-19. And, some fans take issue with the couple’s decision to send the girls back to physical school. So, it is possible they didn’t post school photos on his profile to avoid confrontation.

KINDERGARTEN has arrived! Can’t believe it! The quints were so excited about today & though we were not allowed to bring backpacks yet to school, I couldn’t resist and had to give it to them. Look at those smiles! Growing up so fast! So proud of them!”

Danielle Busby explains to her followers that the school isn’t allowing backpacks. But, that didn’t stop her from purchasing a backpack for each of her quints. Nor did it stop her from getting an adorable first day of school photo with the girls rocking their backpacks. They, however, likely placed them in their beautiful new mudroom before heading to school.


OutDaughtered fans react to the vibrant smiles and school picture.

The adorable picture featuring the girls with their backpacks accumulated nearly 200,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments. OutDaughtered fans had A LOT to say about the sweet photo. Most importantly, they were just happy. Happy that Adam and Danielle Busby continue to include fans in the lives of their daughters. After all, they certainly didn’t have to.

  • “Adorable! & good idea giving them each a different bow color! Teachers appreciate any help differentiating to learn names.”
  • “Girls are getting so big!”
  • “Such sweet smiles! Riley’s born ready pose! Get ’em quints!”
  • “Ah! I hope they have a great day! Hugs to you @dbusby they’re growing so fast!”


Most fans were overwhelmed by how big the quints were in the photo. After all, it felt like just yesterday these five beautiful little girls were just babies. Here’s hoping their first day of school went well!

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