Meghan King Has The ‘Most Frightening’ Day of Her Life At 11,600 Feet

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Who knew The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King was an outdoors junkie? Since the mom-of-three started dating Christian Schauf, she’s been on some pretty big adventures. Meghan recently visited Yellowstone National Park after visiting a gun range for the first time

Now she proves that there ‘ain’t no mountain high enough’ that she won’t climb. 

Meghan King Reaches 11,600 Feet Summit, ‘Too Scared to Stand Up’

The former RHOC star appears to have moved back to St. Louis with her three children. Her boyfriend lives in Utah. The couple meet up when they can. In fact, Meghan spent the weekend with Christian in Utah. They often engage in outdoor activities when they are together.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Christan own a company that sells outdoor gear. However, Meghan’s ‘mountain woman’ persona may come as a surprise to RHOBH fans. 

Meghan’s latest adventure with Christian meant facing one of her greatest fears: heights. The duo hiked Mount Timpanogos in Utah. According to Wikipedia, it is the second-highest mountain in that particular mountain range, the Wasatch Range. 

The mountains reach 11,752 ft. Meghan and Christian hiked to the summit this weekend. Meghan posted a few slides to her Instagram Stories. In one slide, she shares a photo of her on the mountaintop, writing that it was the “most frightening day” of her life. 

Credit: Meghan King Instagram Stories
Credit: Meghan King Instagram Stories

The Intimate Knowledge podcast host also shared a snapshot with Christian. In the photo, the couple squat on the mountain’s rocky terrain. Alongside the photo, Meghan reveals that she was “too scared” to stand up for the photo. 

Credit: Meghan King Instagram Stories
Credit: Meghan King Instagram Stories

Couple Recently Went Fly Fishing

Hiking a mountain wasn’t Meghan’s only adventure this weekend. The Daily Mail notes that Christian took Meghan fly-fishing. She shared a photo on her Instagram of Christian helping her put the boots on. She jokingly references Cinderella in the caption, writing “if the shoe fits.”


As usual, fans flooded the comments to praise Christian’s looks. Any time Meghan posts a photo of her boyfriend, at least one fan comments that he’s an “upgrade” from her ex

And there is always at least one negative comment from a follower. 

Meghan Reacts to Shady Fan Comment About Traveling So Much

One of Meghan’s followers took issue with the fact that she is constantly on the go. Meghan routinely travels between L.A. St. Louis and Utah. Sometimes with her kids, but sometimes her kids stay with their dad, her ex-husband Jim Edmonds. 

The fan writes that they understand “young love” but Meghan shouldn’t be traveling so much amid a pandemic. The fan further writes that Meghan’s son Hart has a “compromised immune system.” They feel that the RHOC alum is being “irresponsible.” Additionally, the fan warns that “Jimmy” could use Meghan’s constant traveling against her in court. 

Meghan took the time to reply and shut the fan down immediately. First of all, Meghan corrected the fan about her son. She wrote that Hart “absolutely does NOT” have a weak immune system. The RHOC alum reminds the fan that Jim was the one who got coronavirus “after partying in Nashville.” 

To complete her clapback, Meghan advises the fan to “check yourself, lady.” 

Meghan King Instagram Comment Screenshot
Meghan King Instagram Comment Screenshot

What do you think about Meghan’s constant traveling? Tell us in the comments below. Meghan no longer appears on The Real Housewives of Orange County. But online chatter suggests that filming of Season 15 is complete and it will air on Bravo soon. 

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