Carlin Bates Reveals That Layla’s Not Well After Their COVID-19 Diagnosis

Carlin Bates and Layla

Carlin Bates revealed that she and Evan both got COVID-19. It came a month after Evan tested for the virus after getting in close contact with a work colleague. In July, we reported that his test came back negative. But, perhaps it gave a false reading as they both ended up sick. And now, Carlin reported that baby Layla’s also not well. She said they spend their “life at the hospital.”

Carlin Bates reports that Layla’s not well again

We noted that Carlin returned to Instagram and said that she and Evan stayed off social media as they fell sick with the coronavirus. She noted that they hit the “tail end” of their recovery period. She didn’t talk about Layla in that post. Meanwhile, over on YouTube, on August 15, Evan Stewart said he returned to his electrician studies. So, they get out and about again. And there, Carlin talked about her daughter.

People reported that Layla got diagnosed with a small “hole in her heart” back in May. Since then, Layla experienced some breathing problems that saw Carlin Bates and Evan stress a lot. They did some telemedicine interviews with their doctor. Now, they ended up at the hospital again as Layla came down with a different sort of ailment.

Layla at the hospital again

In the newest video, Carlin explained that “Layla had a really rough day.” She elaborated, noting that her daughter started “swelling.” She thought it might come from “teething.” She then turned Layla over and revealed a rash on her. Carlin said, “I don’t know like what it is.” She added that looked “super-bright red.” She decided to call the pediatrician.

Carlin Bates then switched to the next morning. She said they never saw the doctor the day before as the rash went away. But, it came back again. She thought it might be some sort of allergy. She got an appointment and took Layla in. But, like the day before, when the doctor saw Layla, the rash disappeared again. However, the doctor thought something in the “air” might be causing an allergic reaction. So, Layla went on some medication.

Fans comment on ‘hives’

Apparently, the doctor said the “hives” may be controllable with the medication. So, for now. Carlin just hopes that it works. In the comments, some people responded to the video. One fan commented, “My daughter has a dust mite allergy. Her skin would look like this each time she woke up, but it would go away during the day.”

Carlin Bates’ fan added, “Please look into this as a possibility. Unfortunately, you may need to get some dust mite detergent and clean the sheets and blankets every few days and you should see an improvement.”

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