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Did Todd Chrisley Find The Fountain Of Youth? Fans Think So

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Chrisley Knows Best fans are starting to question of Todd Chrisley has discovered and drank from the fountain of youth. This theory emerges after fans begin to notice he doesn’t seem to age very much. Now, what got fans discussing how old or young Todd Chrisley looks recently? Well, the conversation came up after Todd shared a series of selfies featuring himself looking usually well preserved.

Todd Chrisley flaunts and ditches beard and mustache.

Yesterday, Todd Chrisley took to Instagram to flaunt a mustache and full beard. The photo had many scratching their heads as he looked like a combination of his son’s Chase and Kyle. Was this really Todd in the photo? Some had their doubts. The purpose of the selfie was to ask fans if he should keep or ditch the facial hair. Now, they had pretty mixed feelings on the subject.

But, where the conversation got really strange is the individuals who thought he should keep the facial hair. One of the biggest reasons people thought he should keep his facial hair is because they thought it made him look younger. Did the beard and mustache really take years off of his face? Fans certainly seemed to think so. And, given how much Todd cares about his appearance and trying not to age… This is certainly a motivating reason for him to keep his facial hair.

Todd Chrisley, however, did share a selfie a day later with a clean shave. Turns out, his wife Julie was not a fan of the beard or mustache. She prefers her husband with a clean shaven face. So, the beard and mustache had to go.

Now, this is where things got equally interested in the comment section of his Instagram post.

Did his followers have an issue with the clean shave?

It stands to reason that those who liked the facial hair would have an issue with him shaving his face. But, that really wasn’t the case. In fact, people were baffled. They were baffled as to how the beard and mustache made him look younger. And then when he went for a clean shaved look…. He seemed to look even younger. Did he drink the fountain of youth? Was he using a filter on his photos? Here’s what they had to say about it.

  • “You look 12.”
  • “Wtf???? How old are you???? Bet there’s a painting of you in a vault somewhere that’s a decomposing horror show”
  • “You look 14.”
  • “You look 18.”
  • “U look 15!”
  • “Did you use filters on this photo or have you had a facelift?”
  • “Baby face!”
  • “I don’t know if you’ve been drinking from the fountain of youth or if you’ve found a time machine, but you look like you’ve only gotten younger.”
  • “Are u using an app?? You look young as h***”

Overall, his followers agreed that one of a few different things was happening. First, Todd Chrisley had possible discovered the fountain of youth. Second, he was using some sort of app or filter on his photos. Or, third, he had recently had some more work done on his face.

It goes without saying that Todd Chrisley looks incredible for someone who is 51-years-old. So, do you agree with everyone saying he has a baby face?

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