‘Unexpected’: Did Rilah Ferrer and Anthony Get Back Together Again?

Unexpected Anthony Rilah boyfriend

Unexpected fans heard back in October, that Rilah Ferrer and Anthony split. It’s been 10 months that they lived together. But, fans of the couple still hope for a happy outcome. This week, some fans asked if they got back together again.

Unexpected – Rilah better off without Anthony

We reported back in October, that fans asked Rilah if she and Anthony got back together at all. At the time she replied politely, saying, “no Mam.” Actually, when details emerged about what caused the split, it came as no surprise that she and Anthony broke up. Starcasm reported in March this year about the details of a court hearing that followed Rilah alleging he assaulted her. Anthony got placed on probation for nine months, according to the outlet.

Anthony got court restrictions

Rihah’s baby daddy got an awful lot of restrictions placed on him by the court. Some of those included 20 hours of community service and working at a lawful occupation. Additionally, he could only associate with law-abiding people. They also threw in attending counseling and supervision by a pretrial diversion officer. Plus, fans heard that Anthony possibly started an affair with someone else.

On Friday, August 15, Rilah shared a photo of herself on Instagram. In the picture, she didn’t look her usual attractive and beautiful self. Fans know that Rilah often shares makeup and beauty tips on her YouTube. Perhaps she just had a bad day. Anyway, Unexpected fans once again asked if she and Anthony ever got back together again. This time the response was not so polite. She replied, “No Bruh OMG!”


Anthony appealed more visitation rights

Possibly, TLC fans thought the couple reconciled because they’re both celebrated their daughter’s birthday back in June. They set aside their differences enough to celebrate the special day. And,  both of them shared a few photos on Instagram. Well, it seems that they co-parent their daughter these days. At one stage, Anthony vowed to go to court if necessary over custody rights. And, it looks like they sorted out their co-parenting.

Nevertheless, judging by Rilah’s Instagram post this week, it looks like any sort of reconciliation seems extremely unlikely. Actually, most fans of Unexpected give Rilah a lot of privacy when it comes to Anthony. In fact, they seldom discuss him at all on her social media. They seem to admire her a lot as she juggles raising her child with her future ambitions. While she made some mistakes with Anthony, clearly she looks to providing a sound and stable future for her child.


Rilah’s Unexpected ex quiet on social media

After the Unexpected couple split, Anthony said some pretty terrible things on his social media. These days, however, he seems rather quiet and hardly ever post anything at all. So, right now, fans basically rely on Rilah for any information about him.

What do you think about Rilah being so emphatic that they never reconciled? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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