‘Married At First Sight’ Star Olivia Calls Brett’s ‘Layers’ Confusing

Olivia and Brett of Married at First Sight

At the start of the Season 11 of Married at First Sight, Brett was seen to be flirting. This doesn’t bode well for a happy marriage between him and Olivia. The fact they are both cat lovers does seem to draw them together, but is that enough? Olivia recently opened up about her new husband’s behavior.

Brett and Olivia – Married at First Sight

Fans saw Married at First Sight star Brett openly flirting before his wedding to Olivia. After only four episodes, fans have already seen two sides to the serial dater. First, there was a look at his flirtatious side, as he gave all his attention to a waitress, as well as Bennett’s sister and Henry’s friend Kristin. This all happened the day before his wedding.

Since tying the knot with Olivia, Brett has revealed a more affectionate side while getting to know his new wife. Despite this, fans still don’t believe he is a good match for Olivia or for the show itself.


Screen Rant spoke with Olivia about her thoughts on her husband’s complex personality. The new bride watches the aired episodes and says how shocked she was at her new husband’s playboy behavior. However, sweet as Olivia is, she does still believe there is more to Brett than meets the eyes. She believes he may have been misunderstood by Married at First Sight fans.

Cat lovers attract cat lovers?

There is a sweet moment at the altar when Olivia discovers Brett has a cat. This seems to be about the only thing they have in common, as she also has a feline friend. Since then, Olivia has got to know him a little better, she admits that her husband has many layers. She believes these come off as very confusing to viewers. Brett might speak openly about his dating habits, but he has not outwardly flirted in front of her.

Olivia and Brett of Married at First Sight
Olivia and Brett of Married at First Sight [Image @mafslifetime/Instagram]
Many viewers believed Brett’s family has been equally rude. However, Olivia says they were “very personable” and “meshed well” with her family and friends. She feels like they will all get along just fine. While Brett’s brothers are “jokesters,” Olivia enjoys it and she says his sister is a “sweetheart.”

Married at First Sight fans continue to have a different view of Brett and his family. However, the fact that Olivia has a different point of view relating to her new husband could be why the experts believed they would be a good match.

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