‘Deadliest Catch’ Josh Harris Quarantining In Hawaii, Does This Mean ‘Bloodline’ Season 2?

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Deadliest Catch captain Josh Harris has been back in Hawaii doing a 14-day quarantine. Could he have returned to do another season of the spinoff, Bloodline? This is what we know now.

Josh Harris Back In Hawaii

Josh Harris is back in Hawaii. He posted on his Instagram a shirtless photo while there. What is he doing there now? He is at the Sheraton, with the best view. He cannot leave is room.

So, he is in Hawaii. It could be one of two things. His F/V Cornelia Marie co-captain, Casey McManus, has been staying in Hawaii with his family during the coronavirus lockdown.

They also could be working on another season of Deadliest Catch: Bloodline.

What Is Deadliest Catch: Bloodline About?

What is the Deadliest Catch spinoff, Bloodline about? It is about Captain Phil’s secret legacy. The beloved captain did more than fish for crab. He also Ahi Tuna in Hawaii. In the first season of the Deadliest Catch: Bloodline Josh Harris and Casey McManus uncovered  some secret fishing charts while remodeling the F/V Cornelia Marie’s captain’s quarters.

Some of those early charts are from 1983. That is the year Josh was born. This was a part of his father’s life that he knew nothing about. Not only did he uncover a family mystery, but he learned something more about his larger-than-life old man.

In Bloodline Season 1, the two captains consulted with other Deadliest Catch captains. Five days after uncovering those charts, the two co-captains headed to Hawaii, where Casey’s parents live. They were going fishing. They got a guide and they went for it.

Sounds like they enjoyed this quite a bit. Best of all, Discovery wanted to do a show about this quest. Josh was quite surprised. Discovery figured that they already had filmed the Hawaiian charts. They wanted to complete the story.

Instead of a Deadliest Catch side story, this became its own adventure. They called it Bloodline.


A New Deadliest Catch Business?

In an exclusive TV Shows Ace, April Neale interview with Josh Harris, the Deadliest Catch star revealed that he may actually want to make this Hawaiian fishing a part of his business. He can see how this could be a “very viable business.”

But, Josh admits he has been remiss by not asking Wild Bill about this sort of fishing. They had been in such a whirlwind of action. From the chart discovery to the hop on the plane to Hawaii, they know they still need to consult with Wild Bill because “he is the guru of the blue water fisheries.”

Perhaps what is craziest is that he has learned a lot about his old man in Hawaii. Josh runs into a lot of people who knew his old man. He has seen Captain Phil’s writing on people’s walls. Josh finds that pretty “funny.” Most of all, Josh has learned what “type of guy” his dad, the great Captain Phil, is.

Currently Discovery has not announced any sort of Deadliest Catch Season 17 renewal or Bloodline renewal.


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