What’s The Latest On ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4 On Netflix?

Selling Sunset Season 4, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp8Xm02TmMc

Will there be a Selling Sunset Season 4? Currently, Season 3 is a worldwide hit. Fans want to see Christine vs Chrishell round four! Has Netflix renewed Selling Sunset?

Here is the latest news about the fourth season of everyone’s favorite high-end real estate show.

When Is Selling Sunset Season 4 coming out?

When will Netflix drop Selling Sunset Season 4? According to Chrishell Stause, it has not yet been renewed. Someone had asked her on Instagram about another season. One fan asked, “When will Season 4 come out??”

Chrishell’s response was a bit alarming. She posted “We have to wait for them to give us the official pick up and then we can start shooting. So keep streaming to hurry them up.”

So, the former Days star is basically telling fans to keep watching. Netflix won’t share viewing numbers, but they do reward shows that have many views. One perfect example is another Netflix show, Lucifer. They were supposed to finish the series at the end of Season 5. Obviously, the viewership numbers meant that they wanted another season. That is how powerful watching is.

Season 4 Could Be More Christine VS Chrishell!

Sharpen your fingernails, kittens. We could have another round of Christine vs Chrishell if there is a Selling Sunset Season 4. There has been so much bad blood between these two real estate agents in the lead up to the release of Season 3.

It has become so bad that Christine told ET that Chrishell blocked her on social media! But, she seemed to be pleased at the prospect that Chrishell has said she is open to a relationship with Christine.

Maybe Selling Sunset Season 4 will be an alliance between Chrishell and Christine? Who knows with this crazy and fun show?

Could Heather/Tarek Marriage, Chrishell Dating Or Amanza Finding Deadbeat Husband Be In Selling Sunset Season 4?

Selling Sunset Season 4 is already writing itself. Starting out with the Heather Rae Young engagement to Tarek El Moussa. Could the new season showcase their wedding?

Next is Amanza Smith. She has been trying to find her ex-husband, former NFLer Ralph Brown. He is still missing. Could the Selling Sunset cameras help her find this deadbeat dad?

Next is Chrishell Stause. Her ex-husband, Justin Hartley has already moved on with his former Y&R costar, Sofia Pernas. Could the new season show her reaction to him moving on with someone she also worked with and considered a friend?

In addition, Chrishell has been swarmed with men asking her out on a date. She has had too much on her plate, and of course, the coronavirus pandemic, to really start playing the field. But, maybe she will find someone. Could one of her costars set her up? Or is there someone she already knows who always had a secret crush but didn’t reveal it because she was already attached?

Obviously, Netflix needs to renew the series. But even if they do, there may be another problem.

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Reveals Covid-19 Could Delay Season 4 Filming

According to a recent interview with Grazia, Christine Quinn has revealed that if there is a Selling Sunset Season 4, it will not be until 2021. That is due to the coronavirus. This should not be so much of a surprise. Many shows have been delayed and affected by the worldwide pandemic.

First, Netflix has to renew the show. Then, fans can start to worry about how the coronavirus will affect filming.

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