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Why Has Whitney Way Thore Stopped Lifting Weights?

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Whitney Way Thore featured in a weightlifting competition towards the end of the last season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. She worked really hard and hoped to do well in her weight class. Actually, she came in second. But now she’s stopped lifting weights.

Whitney Way Thore struggled a bit with weightlifting training

We reported in March this year, that Whitney work really hard and ended up competing in a weightlifting championship. Fans know that fitness and dancing remain a huge priority for Whitney. She ended up entering the weightlifting competition after her trainer Jessica recommended it. While she struggled with getting her posture right she worried more about letting down those friends and family who planned on attending the competition. Nevertheless, she got into it Meaww reported.

She made it through the first round. She also pulls through the second round but in the third round back posture problems come back to haunt the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star. So, she ended up coming in second. Overjoyed, it seemed that Whitney Way Thore found another avenue in which she could excel. But with quarantine, it seems that she lost the momentum and cannot maintain her training schedule.

Instagram Stories reveal why Whitney stopped training for weightlifting

On Tuesday, August 11, Whitney took to her Instagram stories and answered loads of questions. One fan asked if Whitney keeps up with her weight training schedule. Unfortunately, it looks like that fell by the wayside during the coronavirus quarantine. Whitney explained that she “planned to” continue entering more weightlifting competitions. She added that she hoped to continue training, as well.

However, the TLC star also said that she hasn’t trained since March. That coincides with the quarantine period introduced in the USA. Furthermore, Whitney Way Thore mentioned that she doesn’t actually own any personal weightlifting training equipment. So, she remains at home unable to continue her aspirations in the sport. But, she stressed how much she loved doing it. Whitney feels very hopeful that in time to come that she gets back into it.

Whitney Way Thore weightlifting

Whitney Way Thore could use a sponsor

Considering Whitney racked up quite a lot of television fame over the years, it seems a bit surprising that she never got any sort of sponsored training equipment. In fact weight training at her level involves far more in just a couple of dumbbells. According to Fitness Cost Helper, a lot of different size weights plus a bench and the other bits and pieces could all add up to thousands of dollars. Possibly, once Whitney competes in a few more high-level competitions, and she might attract a sponsor willing to help her with at-home equipment.

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