‘OutDaughtered’ Fans FURIOUS At TLC & Here’s Why

OutDaughtered Instagram

There are a lot of different ways to connect with the OutDaughtered family on social media. On just Instagram alone there are several different accounts fans can tune into. Adam Busby has an account. Danielle Busby has an account. They have an account called It’s a Buzz World. And, they have an account for their boutique. TLC also has an official account dedicated to the series as well.

With so many different ways to follow the family, fans get a lot of Busby content even during the off season. So, this makes it easier to deal with the gaps between one season of the show to the next.

OutDaughtered fans are furious with TLC.

Now, it is important to keep in mind the official Instagram account for OutDaughtered likely doesn’t have any input by the Busby family. Adam, Danielle, and several of their family members do follow the profile. But, the profile is actually managed by TLC.

At the moment, OutDaughtered fans are not exactly happy with TLC. Moreover, they are furious with the way the OutDaughtered Instagram account is being managed.

Just yesterday, the account was used to promote a new episode of Doubling Down with the Derricos. The post showed a clip from the show. And, it encouraged TLC viewers to turn in to check out a new episode of the show.

Unfortunately for TLC, OutDaughtered fans were NOT too welcoming of the network using the account to promote other shows. In fact, they really tore into the network for showing them anything other than the Busby family.


Fans beg the network to stop using the account this way.

OutDaughtered fans took to the comments to remind TLC they follow the profile because they want to see the Busby family. While they may not dislike the Derrico family. They do not follow the OutDaughtered profile for updates on the Derricos. Most agreed they would go follow a page for the Derricos if they were interested in following the family.

  • “Look man, we just want the busby family, don’t share another family to us!”
  • “WHY IS THERE A NEW FAMILY WE WANT OUTDAUGHTERED, no hate but u could at least make another ig account.”
  • “No offense to this family. They look lovely. But this is the outdaughtered account might be a mistake or mis post. Don’t be hateful in the comments yall.” 

While some did attempt to encourage other OutDaughtered fans to “be nice,” the overwhelming majority just wanted TLC to stop sharing the Derrico family on this profile.


Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time TLC has used the profile to promote Doubling Down with the DerricosAnd, OutDaughtered fans have been pretty consistent about not wanting to see it.

So, do you have an issue with OutDaughtered sharing Derrico on their profile? Sound off in the comments!

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